Hotels for Divers

Hotel for divers began to appear at the resorts in proportion to the growth of the popularity of diving among the tourists. Fans of this type of active recreation determined supply. Divers want to stay where it is possible to <<dive>> into the recreation in the full sense of the word.

Nowadays hotels for the divers can be found at most of the world's marine resorts. Even such harsh places of the world, as the White Sea, are of interest to divers.

The main difference between hotels for divers and the ordinary hotels is that they have special services and a school, where scuba diving is taught. Typically hotels have a few ships which bring tourists to the diving places. Of course, in such hotels you will provide with all the necessary equipment for diving. Diving instructors, oxygen equipment mechanics, skippers and scuba divers are on the staff of diving hotels.

Diving instructors in every serious diving hotel must have PADI or CMAS certificates. These certificates are issued by the two most famous world associations of professional instructors. The rules, developed by PADI and CMAS, are recognized worldwide as the most committed and guaranteeing maximum safety. Before you make your choice in favor of a hotel for diving, make sure that its instructors have these certificates. An additional bonus for the hotel is a presence of DAN specialists in it – association, which provides medical support for divers.

The most famous and best hotels for divining are located on the coast of Florida, in Australia, Egypt, the Maldives, Caribbean, Fiji and Central America. The hotels for divers in Australia are especially outstanding. In many ways, thanks to the opportunities for immersion to the unique underwater structure - Great Barrier Reef. Reef contains 400 species of corals, and dive to this tumult of paint is one of the most vivid impressions, which can be provided by a modern tourism. Australia, Belize, the Caribbean are considered the most luxurious areas for divers. Hotels in these countries have a wide range of services and a variety of opportunities for immersion, including night diving.