Ski Hotels

Ski hotels, as their name indicates, are targeted primarily at fans of mountain ski. They are either ordinary hotels, located on most winter resorts, or chalets, which besides proximity to the ski tracks have a special architectural look.

France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy – experience of these countries is used as a guideline when founding a new hotel in the mountains. Staff training technologies, methods of conveying clients to the tracks, special menus and selection of equipment – in the hotels of the ski resorts of above-listed countries every service is at the highest level. Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia - countries that are also ideal for winter recreation. They are slightly behind according to the level of service, but according to the level of prices they are far ahead of their western counterparts.

Chalet - this type of ski hotel has a special identity. Chalet is a small hotel in rural style, made up of thick logs with a wide roof. Typically, there are two floors in the chalet. The number of rooms is also small, from 2 till 20.

This type of building first appeared in Switzerland and then spread around the world. Alpine chalet originally served as a refuge, where shepherds and livestock wait out bad weather. Famous Swiss cheese was produced in such houses. Despite its French sounding, chalets become ordinary things even at American ski resorts.

Ski hotels have their own unique features. Regarding design, there are themes of nature, lots of wooden décor and warm pastel shades in hotel appearance. It became a tradition to decorate ski resorts with hunting trophies and put a fireplace in the lobby. There is a 90% chance that you will be offered mulled wine, hot beer and hot chocolate in a ski hotel.

Ski star hotels are classified in the same way as hotels at sea resorts. Every respectable hotel at the ski resort offers its clients ski-pass – a pass for ski lifts and tracks. Equipment rental, trainers, medical assistance and transfers to trails – these are the questions of additional service, which should be determined during hotel booking.

Ski hotels in different countries have their own unique characteristics and traditions. For example, in Austrian hotels there is a tradition to close hotel doors after 9 p.m. In the USA almost every big hotel offers its client an outdoor swimming pool.

Ski hotels season – Christmas holidays and New Year. The second half of January in many countries is considered to be a recession. The lowest prices, as expected, can be observed at the end of the season - in April. In connection with global warming, many ski centers finish their seasons in March.