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Spa hotels allow you to live beautifully. In these hotels relaxation, recreation and health care are guaranteed for guests. Beauty is a synonym for femininity. Therefore, the main visitors of spa hotels are usually women.

Spa hotels are also known as wellness hotels. In these hotels clients are offered with a wide range of recreation manipulations and therapeutic courses, which are aimed to make staying in the spa hotels truly relaxing. During the vacation at the spa hotels guest can count on the widest range of healthcare services: massage, sauna, therapeutic muds, the selection of special diets, skin care, bath with mineral water, aromatherapy, yoga. Spa hotels offer thei customers everything that could serve for beauty and improve their well-being.

Competition in the health and beauty hotel industry is constantly growing. Therefore, many spa hotels have to implement more new services to make a rich assortment a convincing reason for a client to book a room in a hotel. Hydromassage baths, wrapping in leaves of herbs, acupuncture - even such exotic features have become a classics for spa hotels. Swimming pools, peeling, fitness rooms and therapeutic muds must be included in the list of services of any self-respecting spa hotel.

Today, spa hotels offer new options for rejuvenating and cleaning the body with the use of the methods of traditional medical school of the East and the latest technological <<know-hows>>. Indian ayurvedic practices, which include massage using essential oils, steam bed Svedana, Japanese shiatsu massage, infrared cabin for the total relaxation – all of these illustrates the fact that hard-to-please customers should be attracted by the latest innovations.

Spa hotels today appear everywhere. Even so, there are recognized world centers of health-improving recreation, which are considered to be illustrative in the spa hotel organization. Among them are: the German resort Baden-Baden, Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, Hawaii. However, it should be taken into consideration that the hotels located in the immediate vicinity of mineral springs were considered spa hotels some time ago, today this factor plays the secondary role today. The range of recreational and rejuvenating programs and a high level of comfort - these are the key to success, owing to which, a spa hotel can put in a claim for the title of one of the best in its field.