Wedding Hotels

Many hotels have room for newlyweds at their disposal, but to become hotel exclusively for wedding couples – such a great dead can be performed by only a few hotel owners. Wedding hotels or romantic hotels are located, as expected, in romantic places. Legendary places in the world and the hot southern countries - are the main places where today you can find the best wedding hotels in the world.

Wedding hotels – these are luxurious rooms, covered with rose petals, free champagne, huge beds and first-class maintenance. Hotels offer voyages on yachts and motor ships, flights on air balloons, horse riding, safari and dozens of other attractions as additional entertainments for just married. Wedding Hotel – it is always expensive. So the average price for a suit for newlyweds in Paris, Prague and Las Vegas will be about $200 and above.

Paris, Venice, Rome - these cities can be considered as the capitals for the newlyweds. Millions of couples each year come here to spend their honeymoon. Paris is the romantic capital of the world and it has an impressive list of wedding hotels, in the first line of which are legendary Majestic hotels, Plaza as well as hotels George V of Four Seasons hotel chain and Paris Marriott Champs Elysées of Marriott hotel chain. Wedding Hotels in Rome – these are Grand Pallatino, Brasile and Turner hotels. Turner hotel is known for its huge banquet hall, where numerous Italian and world celebrities arranged their weddings. The most famous wedding hotel in Venice is Cipriani hotel, which is located near the central square of the city. Cipriani hotel is often called «100% Venice aristocrat». Chapel of the hotel as well as the banquet hall of Turner hotel have seen many celebrities.

Sea resorts also did not lag behind the famous romantic capital. Turkey - is one of the clearest examples. Ultramodern Adam & Eve, which is probably one the most famous wedding hotels in Turkey, is located near the coast on Antalya. Adam & Eve hotel is popular among the wedding couples from Germany and Russia. Its distinctive features - a luxurious beach, villas and interior design, which is dominated by glass and light.

Ratings of wedding hotels have long ago become a favorite topic of discussion for many mass media, writing about tourism. Off course, those ratings are far from being objective. But they can be used as a compass pointing at the regions, where a wedding tourism is better developed. In the top ten of the best wedding hotel regularly enter the hotels of Thailand, Croatia, Indonesia, the countries of Central America - Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica. Among the hotel chains – Four Seasons can be distinguished, which combines luxury, taste and harmonious environment.