The Hotel Ritz in Paris

The Hotel Ritz in Paris is a legendary place for Paris as well as Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees. Ritz in Paris - is a symbol of luxury and one of the most romantic places in France. Hemingway once said about this hotel: «When I think about the life in heaven after death, every time the action takes place at the Ritz».

The Hotel Ritz was founded in Paris in 1898, two years before the famous Paris World Exhibition. Its founder was the Caesar Ritz, one of the most famous hotel magnates of all time. The opening of Hotel Ritz, situated in the building of former banker’s house, was an event for whole Paris. Perhaps, after that the word <<Ritz>> became a synonym for the word <<luxury>>. It is also possible that due to the Hotel Ritz in Paris, Caesar Ritz received the title <<The king of hoteliers and the hotelier for the kings >>, and later a new word appeared in English - <<ritzy>>, which means elegant and stylish.

The Hotel Ritz is located in the heart of Paris, at the Vendôme Square. This long building saw recognized geniuses, odious politicians, rebels, monarchs, movie stars and billionaires. Famous Coco Chanel spent a third of her life in the Paris Ritz. Ritz is also known as «the last hotel of Princess Diana». From here the famous English princess went for a fatal race with the paparazzi. Great stories and great tragedies are an integral part of the Paris legend appearance.

Rooms of the Hotel Ritz in Paris still accept the elite of art and politics. It is considered to be «mouvais ton» to inquire about the room price in Ritz. For reference, the price for a single room in low season is around 1300 dollars for three nights per person.

The Hotel Ritz in Paris has at its disposal a number of luxury rooms, which are devoted to its legendary guests. There can be found the suits of Chopin, Elton John, an American writer Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway and a fashion icon Coco Chanel. The cost for one night in such room is about 3000 euros.

The Hotel Ritz in Paris is famous not only for its rooms, which are about 162. The best French restaurants in the world - L’Espadon is located in Ritz, too. Founded by legendary culinary expert -Auguste Eskafe, even today L'Espadon has not lost its reputation. For those, who intend to visit Paris and taste local exotica, L'Espadon is still a gastronomic Mecca. Hotel Ritz in Paris - it is a huge hotel complex, which includes 4 bars, a nightclub Ritz club, culinary school, gyms, swimming pools, Turkish bath and sauna.