Legendary Hotels

Legendary hotels. Hotels, which are famous throughout the world mostly because of two reasons: the unprecedented luxury and star guests. These hotels are located at the very top of the hotel business pyramid. Ritz, Savoy, Metropol, Waldorf-Astoria - these names can be found in travel guides next to the names of Hemingway, Monet, Presley. Legendary hotels are mentioned in the memoirs of stars and hundreds of books.

Hotels have become legendary for different reasons, but mainly because of unprecedented luxury and well-known gusts. Luxury hotels have attracted the attention of bohemia and creative individuals. Artists, writers, millionaires and aristocrats - this was an audience that filled the hotel lounges and restaurants, and later made hotels famous. The most demonstrative example is Ritz Hotel, which for nearly a hundred of years, is considered the best hotel in Paris. Coco Chanel, a French trendsetter, spent more than 30 years of her life in this hotel as well as hundreds of celebrities of past and present.

Guests – is one of the main features of legendary hotels. For example, Frank Sinatra lived for a couple of years in New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg hosted many distinguished figures of culture and art of several centuries. Famous Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky spent his honeymoon there. In the Grand Hotel Europe «King of waltzes»- Johann Strauss stayed in the Grand Hotel Europe in his time.

Many legendary hotels have special suits in honor of their famous guests. There is a suit in Paris Ritz in honor of American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, and in the London Ritz - Prince of Wales apartments.

Legendary hotels are often declared as national cultural heritage. They are often given various tittles and numbered among specially protected monuments of architecture. For example, Negresko hotel in Nice. It is famous not only for stunning views of the famous Bay of Angels, but also for the fact that in 1974 the French government recognized it as a national historical monument.

It is clear that the rooms in the legendary hotel are not affordable for many people. Their cost usually starts from 400-500 USD per day for the simple single room and ends somewhere on the border of common sense. Nevertheless, there are some persons who can afford to rent the room of Coco Channel for more than 6 thousand of euros per day and preserve their sanity.

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