Metropol in Moscow

«Metropol» in Moscow - is the legendary hotel, situated directly opposite to the Bolshoi Theater. King of Moscow hotels. Not long ago, in 2001, «Metropol» celebrated its 100 year anniversary. After restoration, carried out in 1991, «Metropol» became one of the first hotels in modern Russia, offering you services of 5 star hotel class.

The idea of building the Metropol hotel belongs to Savva Mamontov. This outstanding Russian industrialist and sponsor was obsessed with the desire to transform Moscow into the best city in the world. According to his idea, the unique hotel was supposed to be one of the decorations of Moscow. Mamontov invited many famous architects of his time to work on the project of a new hotel. For example, the draft of the facade of the hotel has developed by an Englishman - William Walcott. Scenic panel «The Princess Greuze», which then decorated the facade of the hotel, was created by prominent Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel.

Today there are 363 rooms in Metropol. The cheapest of them can be booked for 540 euros. Many celebrities visiting Moscow choose suits of <<Metropol>> for accommodation. Stars of the world cinema, heads of government, singers and athletes, kings and designers often stay there. At different times, the guests of «Metropol» were Bernard Shaw, John Kennedy, Vladimir Lenin, Bertolt Brecht and dozens of eminent persons of world politics and arts.

Numerous legends are associated with <<Metropol>>. One of the legends says, that poet Sergei Esenin made a declaration of love to the ballerina Aysedore Duncan in the halls of <<Metropol>>. They say that the brilliant cellist Mstislav Rostropovich met here with his future wife, no less brilliant opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya.

There are 3 restaurants in <<Metropol>>: «Metropol», «European» and «Boyarsky». All of them are considered to be among the best banquet halls in the capital. Receptions for the chief executives of Russia, balls in honor of foreign monarchs are often arranged here. The world stars appear at the private parties. The famous opera bass Fyodor Shalyapin performed his arias in <<Metropol>> restaurant in the beginning of the century. One of the hotel bars is named after Shalyapin. «Boyarsky» was known throughout Moscow as a place of noisy peers of odious Grigory Rasputin.

Casino «Metropol» does not change the tradition of the highest level. This gaming house, like everything in «Metropol», has the title of an extra class. There are 3 halls in the casino: «Metropol-Light», «Metropol-Classic» and «Metropol VIP». Only the owners of club cards or players who bought the chips in the amount of $ 500 are allowed to enter the last two halls. In the 90's «Metropol» casino was considered to be the one of the major places of entertainment of Russian mafia.