Hotel 0 * was opened in Switzerland

Hotel 0 * was opened in Switzerland
Hotel 0 * was opened in Switzerland
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In Switzerland, the country known for well-being and comfort, a new hotel was recently opened, which completely doesn’t answer such description. The fact is that this hotel doesn’t have a category. However, according to its owners it is the world’s first hotel with 0* rank.

Question: What kind of services are offered in the 0* hotel? First of all, cheap accommodation. The cost of one night in the hotel is 8 euros. This price also includes earplugs, which the guest may use to muffle the noise of local ventilation system, and also hot-water bottle in the case of cold spell. Hot-water bottle replaces central heating for the customers.

Regarding hotel itself, it is a bunker. Hotel-bunker is situated on the outskirts of Zurich and in the number of conveniences not too much exceeds the public toilet in the capital of the world banking. Bunker was built in Switzerland in case of a nuclear war. But as it turned out that there are other reasons for its use, other than a nuclear war. For example, the financial crisis. In the wake of a total economy, expanding in all sectors, including tourism, hotel-bunker can be a decent solution for travelers wishing to explore the Swiss Depth for little money.

However, not all is that bad. The hotel has showers, not many though. So the guests will have to establish an order of morning bathing themselves. However, all the clients of the Swiss hotel are given slippers. Without them a chance to get frostbitten in the feet would be too high even for 0* hotel.

It is fair to say that the bunker near Zurich was originally conceived as an art project. The authors of an idea, brothers Rilkiny, when buying bunker, couldn’t even imagine that it will be a demand for their offer. But not so long ago they received the first orders. Customers will appear at the hotel early in 2009. Switzerland receives guests.

Date: 08/12/2008


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