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Hotel News Worldwide. In this section we offer you the latest news of hotel business, which are relevant to the global hotel system. Here you can find information about events, related to hotel business and world hotel industry.

The main topics of this news section will be journeys with a great public resonance, the latest developments in the field of hotel industry, tourist exhibitions and fairs, global price changes, investment news.

If you want to keep abreast of the latest changes in the field of international law, relevant to hotels and residence buildings, this section might be as well useful to you.

Hotel News Worldwide will familiarize you with the international hotel system, tell you about innovation in that field, provide you with a detached opinion on world hotel network development.

News in that section will tell you about the global tendencies in the field of hotel business. Event, represented in this section are of a great value not only for a particular hotel corporation or country but for the region or even the whole planet.

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Special program for tree hotels in Poland

The programs for Lun Fix Tree Hotels include basic training courses in carpentry and design, evaluation of trees as a suitable basis, as well as calculations and estimates for the purchase of materials

Hotels in Canada: construction of the century on the Niagara

The project on building two skyscraper hotels in Canada was approved by the local authorities and promises to be one of the most ambitious construction projects in the country over the last decade. The project is also interested due to the fact that the new hotel is expected to be built in close proximity to the famous Niagara Falls.

World hotels: crazy ideas

it seems, there are still a lot of crazy ideas, which can be realized in the hotel industry. In this article we publish descriptions of a several hotels, which for some reasons can not be described as conventional hotels. Exploranter Hotel in Brazil

Hotel in New York announced an amnesty to thieves

Luxury hotel in New York is ready to forgive its customers, who were unable to overcome the temptation to steal some interior items from the rooms.

US specialists determined the dirtiest places in hotels

In total during the analysis were taken samples from 18 different surfaces in hotels. As a result, it was found that 81% of surfaces contained fecal bacteria.

Giant Nazi hotel will be rebuilt in Germany

Prora is a city that once was the tourist symbol of the Nazi Germany. This small resort on the island of RĂĽgen is famous for the giant building created by the Nazis - "Prora Colossus" holiday center, which was able to receive up to 20 thousand people.

8 million visitors are expected in Pattaya hotels

Hotels in Pattaya are ready to set a record. In 2012 the resort on the east coast of Thailand hopes to receive 8 million tourists. This figure hasn’t been reached by any resort of the country in its history.

Hotels in St. Petersburg: new chef for Astoria

In April 2012 Ian Minnis became the head of the restaurant service in St. Petersburg hotels Astoria and Angleterre. Since May 2012 both hotels are waiting for change of assortment in its restaurants and bars.

Unusual Hotels: bubble hotel in France

Sleeping in the open air with comfort and feeling safe at the same time? The newest hotel concept that combines both these factors was presented by the French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas.

Hotels in Asia: American Expansion

One of the world's largest hotel chains - Marriott International - announced launching of a new project on constructing major hotel complex at the Boao resort in the Chinese province of Hainan. It will become the 250th hotel of the company in Asia.

Hotel in Scotland: windmills spoil the image of the country

One of the most luxurious hotels in Scotland - Gleneagles Estate - is among the first victims in the struggle for alternative energy sources.

Underwater hotel in Dubai

Dubai launches a new ambitious tourism project. After giant man-made islands and skyscraper hotels this emirate plans to offer tourists underwater travel. The concept of underwater hotels and floating cities will be realized near the Dubai coast.

The new trend in Turkey: hotels without alcohol

A new hotel of the Saffee Hotels chain will be opened in mid-June in the Turkish city of Mardin, which is located on the south-east of the country. This is the first hotel of the network, which construction will be completed within five years. The main feature that distinguishes Saffee Hotels from others is full ban on alcohol. Alcohol will be removed not only from mini bars in the rooms, there will be no bars and hotel restaurant menu will not include any alcoholic beverages.

German hotel was booked for 10 years ahead

Some hotels in Germany were especially lucky. So, staying in the luxurious hotel on the island of Helgoland will not be available for everyone. Atoll hotel, which is known as the most respectable hotel on the island, was booked by the WindMW company for 10 years ahead. It has reserved all 50 rooms till 2023 starting from January 1, 2013.

Founder of the hotel franchise celebrates 80th anniversary

On March 25, 2012 John Willard Marriott Jr., the son of the founder of the American hotel chain Marriott Corp. (from 1993 - Marriott International), who is still the company’s president, celebrates his 80th anniversary. During his more than 40-year career he was among the revolutionary innovators of the hotel business industry.

Prices for hotel rooms are growing has published the Hotel Price Index (HPI) report, which reflects the price trends in the hotel markets of major cities around the world in the last year.

Capsule hotels in Hong Kong

Demand for budget accommodation reached Hong Kong. Capsule hotel is a concept that was spread in Japan and not so long ago represented in the heart of the Chinese economic miracle.

Hotel business in 2012: 30 billion$ investment

According to the forecasts of the world's leading hotel consulting companies, 2012 promises to be as successful for the industry as the previous 2011.

Hotels in Paris, and Budapest became more profitable

Hotels in Paris, Budapest and Istanbul can rightly called 2011 one of the best years in history of their hotel business. In November hoteliers of the three European cities marked a significant room profit increase (RevPAR). These data are presented in a statistical study of the consulting company TRI Hospitality Consulting.

Best hotels in Thailand: from 2011 to 2012

Hotels in Thailand, despite a series of disasters that country experienced in 2011, show an amazing resilience and efficiency. Even catastrophic flood could not affect the expansion plans of the world leading hotel chains on the Thai market.

Hotel in Copenhagen: women floor

Copenhagen Bella Sky hotel can now be another landmark place in the history of the world hotel discrimination. Here, on the 17th floor, which was called Bella Donna, only women are allowed to stay.

13 hotels will be opened in Barcelona in 2012

Despite the global economic crisis, when many European countries face declining of the tourist flow, Spain is fully satisfied with the number of tourists in 2011. Instead of the planned 56 million tourists only for 10 months of this year the country was visited by 57 million people.

Hotels in Berlin are waiting for a new tax

Hotels in Berlin, or rather guests, who enjoy hotel services, from 2013 will face unpleasant novelty. The authorities in Berlin decided to introduce a new hotel tax amid the growing interest in the German capital. As noted by Reuters, the new tax will raise prices on hotels in Berlin at least by 5%.

120 new hotels in New York

Tourist industry in New York City is experiencing a new boom. 2011 was another milestone that changed the hotel landscape of "world apple" by adding such landmark hotels as the Mondrian New York, Hyatt 48 Lex and Aloft Brooklyn.
Croatia, the hotel

Hotels in Croatia want to reduce the VAT

Hotel and inn owners in Croatia addressed to the government with the proposal to reduce the rate of value added tax, which for the tourist businesses is now higher than for any other industry. The proposal was voiced at the 14th congress of hotel owners in Croatia.
Switzerland, hotel

Hotels in Switzerland: falling demand in August

Hotels in Switzerland suffered significant decline in reservations this summer. In August 2011 the number of bookings compared to August 2010 decreased by 6.3%. The main reason for the decline in demand Swiss hoteliers called the strong franc, which made expensive holidays in local hotels even more expensive.

Hotels in London: a ship on the roof

London hotels, which have collected almost all well-known titles in the global travel industry - from the most expensive to the smallest - does not stop to strive for even greater achievements in the hotel industry. More specifically, it is not for the city itself, but its architects and designers. So, the last most striking example of this commitment is the project of the hotel in the form of the ship on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Concert Hall.
hotel, Germany

German hotels are bought by French investors

In total LFPI intends to buy 30 hotels in different cities in Germany.
Hotel in Spain

Hotels in Spain expect summer 2011 to be successful

In summer 2011 fall in prices for hotel services in Europe became widespread. One of the undoubted leaders in lowering prices is Spain. Hotels in Spain make efforts to compete with Morocco and Tunisia and offer unprecedented discounts in order to attract more tourists.

New hotel in Barcelona: 5 stars from Alma Barcelona

New five-star Alma Barcelona hotel was opened in Barcelona. It is located in the Eixample district, at the Mallorca Street, in the seven-storey building of the early XX century, which has been recently renovated in March and adopted its historic appearance. Its guests the new hotel can offer 72 comfortable rooms (the area of each room is not less than 40 square meters), including 16 «executive suites» and two «suites»
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