The best mountain hotels in 2008

alpine skis, elevator
alpine skis, elevator
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Travel & Leisure – one of the leading publications in the field world tourism – published the list of the best mountain hotels. This list, prepared in Christmas Eve during the ski season, shows unusual and most exotic options for winter vacation.

Among the hotels <<under the roof of the world>> the special place is taken by Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge hotel in the Peruvian Andes. Located at an altitude of more than 2 kilometers above sea level, it is known for picturesque views as well as for its vicinity of Machu Picchu – the legendary Incas capital. Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge hotel is the only hotel located near the unique sight and it is also a friendly to the environment, which guarantees the complete immersion of his guests in the stunning aura of Indian sacred sites.

Concern about the ecology is a distinguishing feature of another hotel, this time in Nepal. It is called Yeti Mountain Home Kongde. The hotel was recently opened in the Himalayas at an altitude of about 5 kilometers above sea level. One of the features of the hotel is a way to reach it. Transfer to the Yeti Mountain Home Kongde is possible, but only on foot. Trying to preserve the uniqueness of the environment and world-vies, the owners of the Nepalese hotel refused to convey guests using the helicopters.

If the tourist expects the minimal physical exertions on the way to his recreation place, he would definitely enjoy Whare Kea Chalet hotel in New Zeland. Hotel is located in Buchanan mountains, and its location at an altitude of 1,5 kilometers above sea level seems to be low at first glance. However, because of its inaccessibility, the only way to get to it - is a helicopter. The unique feature of the hotel is a breathtaking view of a glacier. The disadvantage – only a couple of rooms, each costs more than 1200 dollars.

Of course, such a list could not do without mentioning at least one Alpine hotel. Travel & Leisure this time decided to mark out 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat. This luxurious Swiss hotel is located on the famous resort St. Moritz. Guests are brought to the doors of the hotel with the help of special cog railway which goes to the height of more then 3 kilometers at almost vertical cliff.



Date: 16/12/2008


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