«Moskva» hotel will open its doors in 2009

«Moskva» hotel will open its doors in 2009
«Moskva» hotel will open its doors in 2009
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Opening of one of the most famous hotels of the Russian capital – «Moskva» hotel – is scheduled for September 2009. This information was dispersed by the Moscow Mayor’s Office. In the beginning of 2008 Moscow City Government said that the construction of the hotel would be completed by the end of 2008. However, the global crisis has affected the plans of builders and the deadline has been postponed almost for a year.

«Moskva» hotel is one of the most famous hotels of the capital of Russia. It was built in 1935 by the architect Shchusev in the center of Moscow, between Manezhnaya and Revolutionary squares. In 1977 an additional building was added to the hotel. «Moskva» hotel is a shining example of Soviet architectural style, called the «Stalin's empire».

«Moskva» was closed for reconstruction in 2003. During restoration works the hotel numerous times provided a lot of interesting information for mass media. Thus, in 2006 at the territory of the hotel workers found explosives, which were hidden in its basement in 1941.

Today reconstruction of «Moskva» hotel has entered into its final phase. Currently builders perform interior decoration of rooms and hallways, while the façade of the hotel and technical facilities such as garages and underground warehouses are ready for operation.

Before its closure the hotel had 3* status. Upon completion of the reconstruction «Moskva» hotel will be among the most expensive hotels of the capital. «Moskva» will be 5* congress-hotel. Hotel parking will be able to accommodate up to 800 cars and on the top floors of «Moskva» an observation site with a charming view of the Kremlin will be located. The areas of reconstructed hotel will twofold exceed the size of the old one and reach over 200 thousand square meters. «Moskva» in total will have 485 rooms and more than a half of them will receive the status of apartments.

According to the Moscow Administration, the construction of new hotels in the city is not planned in 2009. Therefore, the completion of restoration works in «Moskva» hotel promises to be the largest event the hotel construction industry of the Russian capital.

Date: 05/01/2009


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