Yotel will build an underground hotel in London

Yotel will build an underground hotel in London
Gatwick Airport in London, one of the terminals
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Yotel Hotel Chain, known for its extravagant solutions in the hotel business, has drawn the attention of publicity by another substandard approach. Yotel – a hotel chain, which owns the mini-hotels in the London airports Gatwick and Heathrow - this time is aimed not to the sky but to the ground. Or to be more precise - under the ground. Yotel purchased the underground in London, and intends to reconstruct it into a hotel.

1940's Kingsway Tunnel is located at a depth of 30 meters under the London sidewalks. This is a legendary place that has managed to accumulate a decent historical baggage. The tunnel was built in 1940 and was used initially as a bomb shelter, and then as a secret bunker, which provides communication to the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Representatives of Yotel believe that the hotel, located at a depth of several tens of meters, will be able to attract many fans of non-standard holidays. Additional trait that continues the mythology of London, was applied by the Yotel chain without hesistation. According to one of the initiators of the project, even if Yotel initially had tried to count the benefits of new marketing project, it would have most likely come to a complete impracticality. However, no market research has been carried out by the company – they just decided to open a new hotel in London, unlike others. And as soon as it became known about the next innovation by Yotel, many London hoteliers regretted that this idea had not come in their mind.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Yotel is the ability of the company to work in contrasts. In the noisy and congested London airports Yotel offers peaceful comfort in the room-cabins with moderate luxury and with all that is necessary to a modern traveler: from WiFi to orthopedic mattresses. The same strategy is used by the company in the center of London. It is impossible to hide behind the windows of an ordinary hotel room from the noise of the capital of Britain. Therefore, the only place of tranquility, as it turned out, is the underground. Yotel has no doubt in the success of its undertaking.

Date: 13/04/2009


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