The most expensive European hotel will be opened it Turkey

The most expensive European hotel will be opened it Turkey
The most expensive European hotel will be opened it Turkey
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A supergiant will soon appear among the hotels in Turkey, which promises to become one of the most famous and legendary hotels of modernity, as the Burj Al Arab or the Rose Tower in Dubai. A new grand hotel of Turkey will be located in Antalya, and called Mardan Palace. It is possible that Mardan Palace will be opened soon - in summer 2009.

Implementation of this large-scale project was carried out by AST Company, owned by billionaire from Russia - Telman Ismailov. Ismailov’s company has already built a few hotels on the coast of Antalya. However, they cannot be compared with Mardan Palace. According to The Times, the approximate cost of the new hotels is estimated at 1.4 billion dollars.

Mardan Palace has everything that distinguishes luxurious hotels in all corners of the globe: tons of gold leaf in the design, thousands of square meters of the unique Italian ceramics and costly marble, giant aquariums and swimming pools, specially brought sand. A special shopping area is represented by a copy of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Here, according to the authors of the project, fur coats will be sold.

Mardan Palace Hotel has 560 rooms. Among them, according to preliminary estimates, there will be no room cheaper than 450 dollars a day. The most expensive suites are expected to be offered to the guests of Mardan Palace for an amount of 17-19 thousand dollars a day.

AST Company, owned by Ismailov, is well known in Russia. It was Ismailov who became the organizer of one of the most famous stadium markets in Russia - Luzhniki and the largest market in Russia - Cherkizovo. Today, the ACT in addition to hotel management is involved in book publishing. The company is also represented in the jewelry, restaurant and construction business. Telman Ismailov belongs to a hundred of the richest people in Russia.

Date: 23/04/2009


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