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5* Hotels, Grand Hotels, Legendary Hotels are the prime of the modern hotel business. It is not a secret that luxurious hotels are regularly mentioned in the summaries of the leading international news agencies.

For nearly two centuries expensive hotels remain in the center of public attention. Many of them were the palaces and remained for a long time in the possession of European monarchs. The opening of a number of luxury hotels turned into a global event. Nowadays the luxury hotels still set the tone in the world hotel business and the standards of quality of the hotel services.

Movie stars, famous athletes, writers and scientist stay in the luxury hotels throughout the year. Often for the popularity among bohemian society hotels have to pay with their reputation. The behavior of many stars goes beyond the bounds of decency and gives pause to other guest. However, hotels manage to turn the scandals of the bohemian world into their account. Because you know, the yellow press usually mentions the name of the hotel along with the name of the star-troublemaker, giving the hotel additional popularity and a loud advertisement.

The luxury hotels are the center of the bohemian life not only for the particular resorts, but for the whole planet. Whether it is the famous hotel <<Arab tower» in Dubai, Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio or «Metropol» in Moscow - each of these hotels is known far beyond the borders of its country and each has been given a reason for journalists to write about itself several times.

In this section you can find information about the latest developments from the world of luxury hotels, find out what star has stopped in any of them and what events are taking place there.

The best Spanish hotels: a living history

Parador means the best hotels in Spain, which are located in the unique historical monuments: palaces, monasteries, castles and fortresses. The portal has already published material about the importance of Parador for the hotel industry in Spain. To put it in a nutshell is the standard of luxury accommodation, which combines exclusive service, history and architecture. In Spain today there are over one hundred paradores hotels in different parts of the country. In this article we will describe some of them.

Harrods will open its hotels

The Harrods brand will soon be associated not only with the most famous store in London. One of the largest investment funds in the Middle East and the owner of the Harrods brand, Qatar Holding Company, decided to bring the legendary brand beyond the retail trade market. The following year the Qataris plan to build the world's first Harrods hotel in Malaysia.

French hotel will host a wine festival

Luxurious five-star hotel Les Sources de Caudalie situated in the suburbs of Bordeaux will make a wonderful gift not only for its guests, but also for all wine lovers. From June 28 to July 1 the hotel will host a wine festival in Bordeaux. On the central square will be installed twelve pavilions, where anyone can appreciate the variety of local wines.

Super jump from the legendary hotel in Rio

Copacabana Rio Hotel is recognized by many as one of the best hotels in Rio. The number of legendary persons, who stayed in its rooms, is almost equal to the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Perhaps, the hotel’s reputation became one of the reasons why a 41-year-old Australian chose its roof for his jump.

Bulgari hotel will be opened In London

Even before the opening Bulgari Hotel and Residences became one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the British capital. The cost of overnight stay in the hotel starts from £440.

Legendary Beverly Hills Hotel celebrates 100-year anniversary

On May 12, 2012 one of the most famous and legendary US hotels - The Beverly Hills Hotel - will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Four Seasons Hotel in Prague will be put up for sale?

One of the most luxurious hotels in Prague, Four Seasons Prague, may be put for sale. The hotel, which received dozens of celebrities from Sean Connery to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, is ready to change the owner for 2 billion CZK (80 million Euros). It was reported by the Prague edition with the reference to sources close to the deal, which wished to remain anonymous.

Forbes named the most expensive suites in the US

The list of the most expensive suites in the United States was published on the web site of the world famous Forbes magazine (the list includes categorization five-star hotels from the travel section of the Forbes Travel Guide portal). So, here are the top five luxury suites, where prefer to stay the richest people of the world.

The most expensive ski hotel in the world is located in France

Suites de la Potiniere received the status of the most luxurious hotel after the average value of standard rooms at all luxury hotels participating in the study was calculated. During the study were taken into account prices offered by the hotels for the period from January to March 2012. The cost of a room in a five-star Suites de la Potiniere hotel was $1958 per night.
hotel, Hungary, Budapest

Famous hotel in Budapest was bought by the Omanis

One of the most famous hotels in Budapest - Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace - changed the owner. This luxurious hotel was bought by the State General Reserve Fund of Oman from the Gresco company, presented by Canadian, Cypriot and Irish investors.

Ritz Hotel Paris closes

The legendary Parisian hotel Ritz closes for a large-scale restoration. It is planned that the hotel will stop its work in summer 2012. It will be inaccessible to the public for at least two years.

New apartment hotel in Vienna

On October 11, 2011 a new Park Royal Palace four-star hotel will be opened in Vienna. This hotel, which is designed for the business travelers, will offer its guests not only standard rooms, but also suites. In fact, Park Royal Palace is a synthesis of traditional and apart-hotel.

Caesars plans to build 25 hotels in China

Caesars Company President Gary Loveman in an interview with The Associated Press called the new facility the first step in the development of the company's brand in China and India.
Le Meurice

Hotel in Paris: 300 square meters of luxury

One of the most impressive rooms of the Le Meurice hotel is exceptional in its beauty room, which embodies luxury, sophistication and elegant style - Royal Belle Etoile suite.

Hotel in Miami for $ 3 billion

Miami may become a new gambling center of the USA along with Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The Asian tourist giant - Genting Malaysia Berhad - announced its plans to build a gambling center on the shores of the Biscayne Bay. The hotel-casino is supposed to be constructed on the site of the building, which hosts Miami Herald newspaper. The construction cost is estimated at 3 billion dollars.

The most expensive hotels in the world: Westin Excelsior Rome

Those, who wish to try the real Italian La dolce vita and the luxury and elegance of the Roman emperors, should definitely spend a day or two in one of the most beautiful hotels in the Eternal City - Westin Excelsior hotel. Located in the heart of Rome and marked by one of the most prestigious lists - Condé Nast Traveler's Gold List, Westin Excelsior hotel offers its guests, among whom are the most famous politicians, businessmen and artists, exceptional services.

The most expensive hotels in the world: Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The famous hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai is an unimaginable luxury and an incredible cacophony of wealth. Built on an artificial island just 280 meters from the Jumeirah beach with the decor created by the famous design house Versace, the ubiquitous 8000 square meters of gold leaf, staircases, columns and portals gleaming with 22-karat precious metal

The most expensive hotels in the world: Ritz-Carlton in Moscow

And what about the rich and famous? What expect from hotels and resorts people, who are not concerned about the idea that the family budget after the holiday will be like a skinny, always hungry model?
Hotel in Barcelona

Spanish hotel is the best skyscraper of the world

Hotels in Spain was named the best skyscraper in the world. The Spanish company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas received the Grand Prix of Emporis Skyscraper Award for its hotel Porta Fira - red burning skyscraper in Barcelona.

New spa hotel in Scottish castle

In Scotland, near the small town of Kenmore, in the county of Perthshire is located one of the most famous Scottish castles - Taymouth. And although its present shape it received in the beginning of the last century, the history of Taymouth started much earlier, in 1552, when it was the principal seat of the legislature of Lords Campbell and Breadalbane.

8 Hotels in France became palaces

Among the hotels in France, which have received such a high rank, dominate hotels from Paris.

Waldorf Astoria forced its waiter to change the name

One of the most luxurious hotels in New York, the famous Waldorf Astoria, is at the center of the scandal. In addition to the hotel in the scandal is involved one of the hotel staff, waiter Mohamed Kotbi.

Hotels in Disneyland: new rooms for princesses

Already 512 rooms in the Port Orleans Resort hotel located on the territory of the Disneyland in Orlando, will be converted into special themed suites, which offer their guests (firstly, female guests) special design in the spirit of the Disney princesses

Hotels in Paris: 20 million euros for the George V

One of the most famous hotels in Paris - magnificent George V palace - plans to invest about 20 million euros in reconstruction of its rooms.

Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong is the highest in the world

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011 in Hong Kong was officially opened Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, a hotel, which is considered to be the highest hotel in the world.

Hotels in London: House of 1000 butterflies

Butterfly House is located in the lobby. The collection of this unique eco-park includes butterflies from all around the world: Asia, Africa and South America.

Armani will not build hotels in Russia

At the end of January 2011 a number Russian media reported that the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani may open his hotel in Russia. Kavminvody were mentioned as a resort, which was supposed to host the brainchild of the legendary designer. Press also

Mardan Palace was cut off from electricity

In one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey – 7-star “palace” The Mardan Palace, which is located near Antalya and is owned by the prominent Russian oligarch Telman Ismailov (61th place in the Forbes list) - due to the overdue payment for services of AK

A hotels in Prague was sold for 108 million euros

According to CEO Laurence Geller, the purchase of such a famous hotel in Prague is a continuation of the company's policy to increase the presence in the hotel market in Europe.

Hotel in the UAE has installed the Christmas tree with diamonds

Abu Dhabi, one of the principal cities of the UAE, during the current Christmas could become famous by the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. In one of the luxury hotels in the UAE and Abu Dhabi - Emirates Palace – on the Christmas Eve 2010 has b
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