Poznan hotels offer services for half price

Poznan hotels offer services for half price
Old Market, Poznan
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Hotels in Poznan, along with restaurants, museums and other establishments related to tourism, will take part in the promotional event «Poznan for half price», organized by the Department of Tourism of Poznan. Within the framework of the promotional event, those tourists, who have a journey in Poznan on 13-14 June, will be invited to use the services of the tourism sector of the Polish city for half price.

Poznan hotels, which have decided to participate in the program, offer their guests really ridiculous prices. During the promotional event the price for single room will be about 10-15 dollars a day, almost as in the hostel. Poznan museums on June 13 will be free, and on 14 they will offer tickets at half price. It will be possible to get detailed information about hotels, cafes, restaurants participating in the program in special tourist inquiry offices, which are located in the historic center of Poznan. It is expected that about 10 hotels and 10 restaurants will participate in this event.

The promotional event «Poznan for half price» is held in the city for the second time. Last year, the weekend with discounts for tourists attracted increased attention of travelers to the city. This year, Poznan also counts on the strong inflow of visitors.

Poznan, located in the heart of Poland, is known as one of the major tourist centers of the country. Attractions of Poznan - it is the City Hall, Jesuit church buildings, Old Market, the Royal Palace and the famous island Tumski on the River Warta, where, according to the legend, the ancestors of Slavs - Lech, Czech and Rus - met. In addition, Poznan is famous for the latest sights, among which is the unique art-hotel - Blow Up Hall Hotel, located in the building of the former brewery. In the design of the hotel authentic works were used, including such avant-garde ones, as video installations. Iphones are used as keys for the rooms in this hotel.

Date: 29/04/2009


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