A hotel in New Zealand has imposed a habitation ban for the whole city

A hotel in New Zealand has imposed a habitation ban for the whole city
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New Zealand - is certainly an exotic country. This applies not only to its geographical location, natural beauty and unique attractions. Exotic of New Zealand is reflected, among other things, in the character of the local residents, more precisely, in the way some of them resolve conflicts.

The small town of Wainuiomata, located a few kilometers east from the capital of the country Wellington, not so long ago became famous due to the local hotel Palmerston North. Even not so much due to the hotel, but the method, used by its owner in order to protect the hotel from unwanted clients. The owner considered all the inhabitants of the town Wainuiomata as the undesirable customers of Palmerston North Hotel. It happened after another debauch caused by local townspeople in the rooms of Palmerston North Hotel. Tired of constant anxiety brought by the people of Wainuiomata, the owner of the hotel has announced that the doors of Palmerston North are now closed to each of more than 16 thousand inhabitants of the town.

Palmerston North Hotel is not notable for a high level of service or luxurious rooms. Its services are typical of the whole New Zealand. However, more recently, thanks to new rules, the hotel has become one of the main topics of New Zealand news media, and the initiator of innovation Glen Malcolm suddenly turned into a national celebrity.

In connection with the new ban in Palmerston North there were a number of curious incidents, which followed one another. In particular, local authorities did not believe the new rules, set by the owner of the hotel, and decided to book themselves a room in Palmerston North, believing that the restriction relates only to confirmed drunkards. Nevertheless, when arrived to the hotel with a whole team of TV men, the head of the local administration was not been able to reserve a room.

The situation with the New Zealand hotel is extraordinary, because during a crisis, hotels seek to attract customers to their rooms. Denial of service for the residents of Wainuiomata in Palmerston North Hotel shows that the patience of its owners costs much more than the income from the room leasing.

Date: 29/04/2009


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