On the eve of Grand Prix of Monte Carlo hotels of Monaco are almost entirely occupied

On the eve of Grand Prix of Monte Carlo hotels of Monaco are almost entirely occupied
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Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo – one of the most prestigious stages in the world of Formula 1 – starts in the capital of the Principality of Monaco on May 24 at 4 p.m. local time. The hotels of Monaco already experience an increased demand for their services. Almost all the hotels have already sold their rooms for the next 3 days of the competition. Despite the global financial crisis and a downturn in the hotel market, hotels in Monaco expressed their unwillingness to be engaged in the global race of discounts, which has impacted the leading hotel companies of the world. Confidence of Monaco hoteliers was confirmed. Experience showed that before the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo demand was significantly higher than the proposal (according to Variety.com).

Rooms in hotels, located along the racing track of Grand Prix of Monte Carlo are traditionally well-sold, for example, in the famous Metropole Monte Carlo, or at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. However, the representatives of the department of tourism of Monaco have admitted that there is a tendency to change the nature of hotel booking in Monako. People try to book rooms at the last moment, hoping to get a discount for the hot offers. However, according to hoteliers, discounts in the hotels are still an unusual occurance for Monaco. Besides that, in anticipation of the famous stage of Formula 1, "hot" offers are considered as nonsense by everyone.

Rightly or wrongly, a certain decline was noted in the tourist industry of Monaco. It impacted primarily yacht booking, which was previously in demand by huge corporations. Today, these expenses against the backdrop of massive staff reductions would look more than strange.

Prices for room with a view of the famous racing track of Monte Carlo remain sky-high. On average, price for renting apartments with balconies during the Grand Prix reaches the mark of 100 thousand dollars. However the balconies of private apartments can be rented for less money - from 4 to 10 thousand dollars, though only for the time of the race. Place at the table in the restaurant, which is located near the racing track, will cost significantly less, however talking about low cost is inappropriate in this case. The average price of the place is about two and a half thousand dollars, and nearly all the seats are sold out over the two days before the main race of Monte Carlo.

Date: 21/05/2009


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