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Hotels throughout the sports season, serve as a shelter for thousands and thousands of fans who follow their favorite team or seek to see with their own eyes the most spectacular sporting events on the planet. Whether it's Formula 1 racing, world championship in athletics, or Wimbledon - any world-class sport contest means room occupancy and booking boom for hotels of the country where it takes place.

Regarding the fans, then those, who have not taken care of booking in advance, can monitor the news of hotel website in order to find out if there any free rooms left. Rooms in 3 * hotels are booked most often because most of the fans represent middle class and are not very demanding to the level of comfort in the hotel. In this regard, «Hotels & Sports» section at the portal may be useful for fans, as it is planned to publish the hotel news on the eve of the major sport events in it.

Often, hotels before the major sport events appear in the situation of so-called overbooking - when the number of sold rooms exceeds the actual hotel room capacity. Sport overbooking will also become one of the news topics at

In addition, in the section «Hotels & Sports» information regarding in what hotels athletes prefer to stay will also be published.

It is known that the world hotel chains often sponsor famous teams and athletes. «Hotels & Sports» will prepare news about actions of hotel companies, such as the financing of global sporting events and teams sponsorship.

Often, hotels themselves become the venue for sporting events, as, for example, the Chess World Cup or bridge competitions. News about what hotel is preparing to become a «sport ground», will also be published in the section «Hotels & Sports».

London hotels: 120 thousand refusals from booked rooms

London hotels received 120 thousand room refusals. Such an unexpected situation in the hotel market of the capital of Britain happened after the organizers of the 2012 Olympics refused to book accommodation for workers, visitors and journalists, who were to take part in service and coverage of the major sporting event of four years.

Prices in Hotels of South Africa tripled

FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is one of the most popular sporting events these days that promise to become not only one of the famous, but also the most controversial and expensive this year. Due to the flow of tourists and sports fans to visit the

Hotels in Abu Dhabi offer special packages on Grand Prix Formula 1

Hotels in Abu Dhabi on the eve of the final stage of Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will be held in the capital of the UAE on Nov. 1, 2009, offer their guests a special invitation package.

The most northern golf championship will take place in Iceland

Arctic Open Golf Championship will take place in Iceland, in the city of Akureyri, from the 25th to 27th of June. This unique tournament attracts the attention of hundreds golf amateurs and thousands fans, which flow to Iceland from all over the world.

Hotels of Wimbledon 2009

The tennis tournament - Wimbledon - starts in England on June 22. One of the most exciting sports events of the summer of 2009, the current Wimbledon promises to gather all modern tennis stars under one roof, including last year's winners of the tournamen

Greece will host Acropolis Rally

Acropolis Rally, one of the most significant stages in the global series of rally racing WRC, will be held in Greece, in the town of Loutraki from 11 to 14 June. Organizers of the rally stage in Greece at this time changed the tradition, according to whic

Champions League Final in Rome: hotels invite, fans are forewarned

Hotels in Rome are already prepared to host thousands of British and Spanish fans. It is projected that at least 20 thousand fans for each team will arrive to the final game in Rome.

On the eve of Grand Prix of Monte Carlo hotels of Monaco are almost entirely occupied

Almost all the hotels have already sold their rooms for the next 3 days of the competition. Despite the global financial crisis and a downturn in the hotel market, hotels in Monaco expressed their unwillingness to be engaged in the global race of discount


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