Selector Festival in Krakow: Franz Ferdinand, and others

Selector Festival in Krakow: Franz Ferdinand, and others
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On June 5-6 at the very heart of Krakow, in the Blonia Park, Selector music festival will take place. Selector Festival promises to be one of the biggest musical events in Poland this year. During two days in Krakow music of different styles will be playing: from post-rock to hip-hop. The headliners of the festival will be the British team of Franz Ferdinand. It is possible that the new Polish Selector Festival in the near future can compete with one of the largest music events in Eastern Europe - Sziget Festival in Budapest.

Besides Franz Ferdinand, Selector Festival promises to gather a broad representation of different contemporary musical styles. Among the entrants of the festival are: rapper Dizzee Rascal, electronic duet Orbital, experimenters Fisherspooner and others. Selector Festival will take place on three stages, marked with different colors. The main stage of the festival – is azure. The headliners led by Franz Ferdinand will perform on it on the first day, on the second day – electronic teams. The festival will be completed with the Orbital. Also Selector provides two more stages: lilac and flammable. The bands of different styles will present their music on them: from trance to ethnic. Ethnic composition is also very broad: on the stage of Krakow’s park groups from Turkey, Russia, Poland, Great Britain will perform.

The cost of entrance ticket to Selector Festival in Krakow – is 135 zlotys per day, and 200 zlotys for two days. Especially for the Selector Festival in Krakow organizers jointly with MasterCard have created a plastic card Alter Kart, which was reported as the only means of payment acceptable at the festival. It will be possible to get Alter Kart on the territory of Selector, at a special counter to the left of the entrance.

Hostels and hotels of the city are at the disposal of the visitors coming to the festival in Krakow. Cracow is the city with very interesting sights, so that in addition to the music festival guests will enjoy walking along its ancient streets. Even the venue of the festival - Blonia Park – considered to be legendary in Krakow. In due time here, on the meadow of the park in front of the audience of thousands, Pope John Paul II celebrated the Mass. Hotels in Krakow, which are located in close proximity to the park Blonia can be seen below. Booking of some of them is available at the following links:

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Date: 03/06/2009


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