Events, Festivals, Celebrations

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Holidays, festivals, special events - the reasons that each year lead thousands of people to travel to cities in search of new impressions. In these journeys they get help from the hotels, which offer their services to tourists. The section «Events, festivals, celebrations» will present news that are related to any activity where hotels directly or indirectly participate.

There are thousands of reasons to celebrate on our planet. Thereat it happens so that the events that had previously been localized became world famous. Among them, for example, is the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or St. Patrick's Day celebration in Dublin. In order to view and participate in these festivals, thousands of tourists from around the world flock to the place of celebration. Booking a hotel, finding out prices for room in the city where the festival takes place become a pressing problem for tourists. News that are published in this section contain information not only about the place and date of the particular event, but also information about the hotels that offer accommodation for the duration of the holiday.

It often happens that on the eve of an event hotels raise prices and thus make it very problematical for many tourists to travel. Therefore, in addition to current news about upcoming events, the section «Events, festivals, celebrations» also plans to report about those festivals and holidays which will occur in a month or later. In this case a user of the portal will have the opportunity to choose the hotel for a reasonable price. For the sake of justice it should be noted that many hotels in advance take into consideration a particular event and put a higher price regardless of the date of booking. But one way or another by using the search on the site, the visitor of will have the opportunity to choose the most preferred accommodation for the duration of the festival, holiday or other event.

But, of course, the main topic of this section will be the events that take place annually around the world, and which have already become or only going to be popular. Among the thousands of loud, colorful, cheerful and sometimes curious events around the globe, we will try to pick the most interesting, meaningful, effective and interesting in our opinion.

Horse exhibition 2011 in Dubai

Dubai is preparing for one of the largest horse shows in the world - International horse exhibition, which will be held from 17 to 19 March 2011 in the pavilions of the Exhibition Centre Dubai.

Garbage hotel in Spain is fully booked

To the collection of unusual hotels in Spain is added another one. The country's first hotel from garbage was presented to the general public in Madrid on January 19, 2011. One of the objectives of the garbage hotel is to draw attention to the Fitur 2011

Graffiti legend painted a British hotel

One of the hotels in the UK made a sudden promotion. Grosvenor Hotel, located in the town of Torquay in Devon, for one night became famous throughout the world. It is worth noting that it was thanks not to a PR service of the hotel, but one of the most fa

A hotel congress will be held in Belgrade

From 18 to 20 January in Belgrade, in the Continental Hotel, the annual congress of hoteliers and restaurateurs, organized by the International Association of Hotels and Restaurants – IHRA, will take place.

Hotel in Scotland bought a giant turkey for Christmas

Hotel in Scotland paid £ 1000 for the huge carcass of a turkey, which was put up to one of the Christmas auctions in Aberdeen.

Christmas 2009 in Europe: hotels and fairs

Christmas in Europe – is a time for traditional consumer boom, which is hotted up by the numerous fairs. Hotels in Prague, Stockholm, Paris, London and other European cities will host tourists, who want to see the magnificence of capitals on Christmas Eve

Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin hotels

Hotels in Berlin in early November are in high demand among the Germans, as well as, foreign tourists, coming to the capital of Germany in this period. Reason for such a rush – the 9th of November, the day when the Berlin Wall fell, and GDR and FRG were u
Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009: hotels, carnivals, festivals

Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day - the ancient Celtic holiday which falls on October 31, now celebrated in many countries around the world, even in those who have nothing to do with Celtic mythology.

The American company is ready to manage a casino in Slovakia

The American operator of casino - Harrah's Entertainment Inc.- expressed its interest in participation in the construction of a large-scale gaming and hotel complex in Slovakia.
Italy, Rome

End of October in Italy - the season of festivals

Holidays in Italy - is a constant movement, regardless of the season. Hotels in Italy do not have the lack of tourists all year round. Additional interest to the country is caused by different festivals, which can be observed in Italy in vast quantity.
Oktoberfest, Munich

Oktoberfest 2009: Munich hotels

Oktoberfest 2009 - the famous beer festival, one of the most popular tourist events in Germany, will be launched in the capital of Bavaria - Munich on the 19th of September.

National Day of Catalonia in Barcelona

11 September 2009 Barcelona celebrates the National Day of Catalonia.

Wine festivals in France

Beginning of September – is a traditional time for grape harvest in France. France hotels in Provence, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy and other provinces in this period are filled with tourists, who seek to be the first to try the famous French wine of a n

The annual running of the bulls will be held in Pamplona

The running of the bulls through the streets of the city Pamplona starts on July 6. Since July 6, and during the subsequent week, Pamplona, the capital of the Spanish province Navarra, will transform into a «boiler» that arouses deep passions.

Pink night in Rimini - Holidays in Italy non-stop

From 1 to 5 July in Rimini Pink night will take place - a large event, which will draw attention to tourism in Rimini. Hotels in Rimini, as well as many other buildings of the famous resort on the Italian Adriatic Sea will change color to pink, due to the

A Thai hotel will host the Asia International Guitar Festival

Siam City Hotel in the capital of Thailand – Bangkok - will host the Asia International Guitar Festival from 18 to 21 June. The organizers of the Asia International Guitar Festival have been holding it in the capital of Thailand for several years, and coo

Wedding fashion week in Barcelona

Wedding fashion week in Barcelona will begin in the capital of Catalonia on June 9. This event has become traditional for the Barcelona and annually brings together hundreds of eminent representatives of modern business from all over the world.

Medieval show in honor of Joan of Arc in Reims

French city of Reims on June 6-7, will receive on its streets the festival in honor of Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France, who is almost enshrined in France.

Selector Festival in Krakow: Franz Ferdinand, and others

On June 5-6 at the very heart of Krakow, in the Blonia Park, Selector music festival will take place. Selector Festival promises to be one of the biggest musical events in Poland this year.


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