Medieval show in honor of Joan of Arc in Reims

Medieval show in honor of Joan of Arc in Reims
Joan of Arc statue in Rheims
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French city of Reims on June 6-7, will receive on its streets the festival in honor of Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France, who is almost enshrined in France. Joan of Arc Festival in Reims (Fêtes Johanniques) has already become a traditional event for the city. According to the scale of the festival it is regarded as one of the biggest medieval shows in France and only yields to the festival in the hometown of Joan of Arc - Orleans. From morning till evening on the streets of reims sumptuous costume parades take place, fairs are organized where the skills of folk craftsman are being demonstrated, many of which survived only as a reference in the historical directories.

Joan of Arc Festival in Reims annually attracts thousands of tourists from France, Germany and other countries. In fact, the festival is divided into day and the night programs. First, daylight one, provides tourists with performances of artists and ensembles, as well as various tournaments that last for up to 9 hours. From 9 o'clock on the streets of reims fire shows are arranged, which are ended with a grand firework.

There are a couple of culmination moments at the festival in Reims. One of them – a marsh of horsemen in frightening costumes «gargoyle Tal Arn». Horsemen, wearing flaunting demonic clothes, sweep through the streets of reims at a gallop. Riders-gargoyles frighten visitors of Joan of Arc festival both days - from 15.30 to 18.00, providing guests with an opportunity to be photographed together.

But of course the main event of the festival will be the march of Jeanne Dark and her guard through the streets of reims, where «the Maid of Orleans», just like 5 centuries ago, will be honored by the residents of the city.

Among other activities, which will take place in 2009 at the festival in Reims, are: flying falcons, knight tournament, local wine tasting, competitions of jugglers and troubadours. At the conclusion of the festival in the heart of Reims on the Ruayal square a gala presentation of medieval music will be held.

In the first days of June reims is literally «flooded» with tourists. Therefore, it is not an easy task to find a suitable room. For those tourists who wish to visit the Festival of Joan of Arc in reims, we provide a list of hotels located in close proximity to the venue of the main celebrations: Rue Eugène Desteuque, Resistance Victims Square, Forum Square.

Hôtel Kyriad Reims Centre 3 *
Hotel Mercure Reims Cathédrale 3 *
Hôtel le Bristol 3 *

Unique in its kind, promises to be staying at the Grand Hôtel Des Templiers 4 *. Grand Hôtel Des Templiers 4 *, located in the center of Reims, uses in its design motifs of legendary knight orders - Templars.

Date: 04/06/2009


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