Hotel for rock stars in London

Hotel for rock stars in London
Hotel for rock stars in London
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Opened in April 2009, in a bohemian district of London - Soho, Sanctum Soho Hotel received a cult status even before the first guests have arrived. The reason is that this London hotel is the only hotel in the capital of British in rock 'n' roll style.

Sanctum Soho - this name was chosen for the hotel in London, which was designed by Andy Taylor. Taylor, in addition to the creation of hotel interiors, is also known as the manager of the rock group Iron Maiden. It is surprising but the idea to open the hotel, the theme of which would be rock, hadn’t come to mind to anyone before. Well, so it is better for Taylor. His hotel now has become a legend in London.

Sanctum Soho was implemented in a trendy format of a boutique hotel. It offers its guests 30 rooms, each with a unique design: from high tech to the Baroque. The price starts from 175 pounds and ends at three and a half thousand for the largest suite. The hotel itself, on the rumors, cost its creators about 10 million pounds.

No one disputes that comfort is important for the rock musician as well as to George Michael or Prince Charles. But how does rock 'n' roll deals with all that? Have someone seen the baroque in rock charts? Of course, Sanctum Soho is not just about draperies and curtains. It is clear, that the hotel wouldn’t have received a title of «rock-n-roll» one if it hadn’t got a package of special services. Thus, in addition to food and beverage, a customer of Sanctum Soho can order a of guitar and amplifier to his room. The vestment of administrator at the reception - all in black - refers to the character of Elvis Presley song «Heartbreaker hotel». Mini-bars in rooms are hidden behind massive columns. On the first floor of Sanctum Soho a private cinema is located, which can be optionally converted into a place for parties. A spacious Jacuzzi on the roof of the hotel will also be a great place for parties.

Regarding the parties: the owners of the hotel, being familiar with the character of rock musicians, have taken into account some features of their behavior in the hotels. So, if anyone would like to throw a TV out of the window in the spirit of early Led Zeppelin, he will be disappointed. The windows in the rooms open to a distance, which is sufficient only for ventilation.

The owner of the hotel, Mark Fuller, in one of his interviews described a credo of Sanctum Soho: «We are here to look after rockers». This expression could been used as a slogan, except for one little detail. It is known that the mansion, which now is Sanctum Soho, was once occupied by the Department of Security Service MI5. So for those who know, «look after rockers» may sound a bit ambiguously.

Date: 22/06/2009


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