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The relationships between celebrities and hotels have always been quite difficult. Rigid rules of hotels and free manners of famous people do not match. In today's hotel business, there are many examples, in which because of the scandalous behavior of celebrities hotels were forced to go to extremes, up to a total ban on staying in their rooms. Holiday Inn Chain has reacted this way by imposing a lifetime ban on staying in their hotels for members of the group The Who for smashing up the room in Holiday Inn hotel in the town of Flint Michigan.

However, celebrities often act as an advertising lure for hotels, stimulating a constant demand for rooms among ordinary tourists. Despite the fact that such grants as the Ritz or the Savoy does not need special advertising, at one time such guests as Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway have added some points to the respectability of these famous hotels.

Many hotels take glory easy and do not believe that the popularity of their guests can somehow o influence the hotel business. A striking example of recent years - Hotel Chelsea in New York, known as a cult place of rebellious 60's, in the rooms of which in due time creative Bohemia of hippie generation lived. Nevertheless, not long ago it was planned to completely remake a room in the Hotel Chelsea where the famous musician Bob Dylan worked for several years. And it would have been remade, if a massive protest campaign, organized by music fans, hadn’t taken place.

News about the celebrities who stay in a particular hotel, have already become a «classics» in tabloids. Crowds of fans track the movements of their idols, and follow them from one hotel to another. Perhaps in this news section, they will find useful information. Portal also promises not to complicate private life of celebrities and try to publish news about the famous hotel guests selectively and proportionally.

Gaddafi wife wants to buy a hotel in Croatia

Safia Gaddafi, the wife of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, wants to buy abandoned hotel in Croatia at the Igrane resort. This news was published on the pages of several Croatian media, including Croatian Times, Makarska Chronicle and others.

Hotels in Turkey: high demand before the arrival of Angelina Jolie

This week hotels in the Turkish province of Hatay are experiencing a real tourist boom. It was caused by the arrival to this part of the country of famous actress Angelina Jolie. Jolie arrived in Turkey as a UN Goodwill Ambassador in order to visit the camp of the Syrian refugees - Hatay.

Robert de Niro will open a hotel in Las Vegas

One of the largest hotel and entertainment complexes in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, will provide one of its buildings for creating the first hotel of Nobu Hotel chain in Las Vegas, which co-owner is the famous actor Robert De Niro.

King of Spain chose the Grand Hotel Europe

To the galaxy of many royal personages, who has ever visited the Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg was added the royal couple of Spain - King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, who stayed from 24 to 25 February in the hotel. Majestic visitors arrived in th

Michael Jackson’s father will invest in property in Vietnam

Joe Jackson is going to invest in hotels in Vietnam. «Happyland» - so is the name of the hotel complex in Vietnam, in the province of Long An, the creation of which will be partially implemented at the expense of Joe Jackson, the father of the pop legend

Hotels in Mumbai await for Obama

In one of the largest cities in India - Mumbai - end of October was marked by the "Hotel Fever". The reason for that is the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to India, which should take place in early November.

Hotel in London earned 70 000 pounds on Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, a well-known soul singer and a part-time chief supplier of gossips in London, has once again attracted the attention of the yellow press. At this time the journalists paid attention to the singer’s spending on the hotel.

Design of the hotel in Dubai by Victoria Beckham

Thereat, if a famous diva, accepts the invitation, she is not going to create the interior of the hotel alone, but in cooperation with one of the world's leading couturier Karl Lagerfeld.

New hotel in Venice by Philippe Starck

The world-famous designer Philippe Starck, introduced its first hotel in Italy in December 2009. It is a new hotel in Venice - Palazzina Grassi.

Hotel from U2 operated at a loss

The luxurious five-star hotel, considering one of the landmarks of Dublin, brought to their owners a loss of more than 1 million euros in 2009.

George Clooney promotes Hilton hotel s

Hilton Hotels promise to be in the focus of fans of Hollywood's movies in the nearest future. The reason for this will be a new film starring George Clooney, which is called “Up in the air”.

Antonio Banderas wants to open a hotel in Spain

The famous Hollywood macho seriously thinks about building the hotel on its vineyards in the north of Spain.

Lady Gaga performed in the Maritime Hotel in New York

Lady Gaga, modern 23-year-old pop star, known for flamboyant shows, performed in the New York's Maritime Hotel. The show took place in the Maritime Hotel on September 15.

Putin took one of the most luxurious hotels of Sopot

Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin during his stay in Poland will stop at the luxurious hotel Sofitel Grand Sopot, located in the Polish resort town of Sopot on the Baltic coast.

Brad Pitt bought a micro hotel for the own beach

Brad Pitt recently becoming known not only as a superstar and a husband of Angelina Jolie but also as a novice designer. So it is not surprising that an actor could be seen at one of the world's largest exhibitions in the field of design - Design Miami /

Hotel for rock stars in London

Opened in April 2009, in a bohemian district of London - Soho, Sanctum Soho Hotel received a cult status even before the first guests have arrived. The reason is that this London hotel is the only hotel in the capital of British in rock 'n' roll style.

Limp Bizkit will appear in concert in Kiev on May 31

On May 31, in Kiev at the Palace of Sports at 7 pm Limp Bizkit will give its first concert in Ukraine.


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