Brad Pitt bought a micro hotel for the own beach

Brad Pitt bought a micro hotel for the own beach
Brad Pitt bought a micro hotel for the own beach
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Brad Pitt recently becoming known not only as a superstar and a husband of Angelina Jolie but also as a novice designer. So it is not surprising that an actor could be seen at one of the world's largest exhibitions in the field of design - Design Miami / Basel, which was held in Miami. Some catching exhibits, which were shown at Design Miami / Basel, were bought by Brad Pitt for his collection. One of these exhibits was the capsule hotel, designed by Dutch design bureau Atelier Van Lieshout. The hotel by Atelier Van Lieshout cost Brad Pitt 134 thousand dollars, according to the website Pitt plans to place a new hotel on its private beach in Santa Monica.
In total, Brad Pitt has acquired designer products for nearly a quarter of a million dollars at the exhibition. The actor has admitted that he is trying to help gifted artists who just begin their creative development. This fact was confirmed by the purchase of works by Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell, whose conceptual collection of furniture was bought by Bred Pitt for 119 thousand dollars.
One of the current actor’s hobbies – is hotel design and hotel interior planning. We know that Pitt is involved in the design development for a luxury hotel in Dubai. It is also known that Pitt was involved in creating houses for residents of New Orleans affected by the hurricane.

Date: 30/06/2009


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