Wine festivals in France

Wine festivals in France
Wine festivals in France
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Beginning of September – is a traditional time for grape harvest in France. France hotels in Provence, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy and other provinces in this period are filled with tourists, who seek to be the first to try the famous French wine of a new crop. Wine festivals in France take place in small French cities, as well as, in major centers of wine in France. Below you can see a list of the most popular wine festivals in France, which take place in regions of the country in September.

Grape harvest fest in Champagne, September 2009, the province of Champagne. Grape harvest fest in Champagne – is one of the most spectacular, the most massive and most «gourmet» wine festivals in France. Thousands of producers of the famous «Champagne» wine across the province open their vineyards for tourists. Book your hotel in Champagne

Clairette Festival, Die, France, September 5, 2009. Clairette - sort of sparkling wine, which is Die, a small town at the foot of the French Alps, famous for. Every year in early autumn, thousands of tourists come to the Die to participate in the «first press» festival - the beginning of wine processing. Book your hotel in Die.

Grape Harvest Festival, Arbois, France, September 5, 2009. Grape Harvest Festival in Arbois lasts at least 4 days. The brightest part of the holiday takes place on the second day of celebration in Arbois, when along the streets of the town grapes from hundreds of surrounding vineyards are brought to the central square. Book your hotel in Arbois

Medoc Marathon, Bordeaux, France, September 12, 2009. Wine festival in France can be celebrated in different ways. For example, in Bordeaux, thousands of runners test their strength in the marathon, passing through the famous vineyards of Bordeaux and the famous wine estates. In the bounds of marathon, many Bordeaux wineries offer their products; fireworks and festive processions take place everywhere. Number of participants in the marathon in Bordeaux usually exceeds 50 thousand people. Book your hotel in Bordeaux

Chasselas Grape Festival, Moissac, France, 19-20 September 2009. Chasselas - a sort of grape, which is considered one of the best in French wine industry. The holiday of harvesting of this sort of grape is held annually in Moissac. Book your hotel in Moissac

Wine Press Festival, Chenove, France, mid-September 2009. In the old French town of Chenove the day of the installation of the first wine press, brought to the town by the Duke of Burgundy, is celebrated.

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