Lady Gaga performed in the Maritime Hotel in New York

Lady Gaga performed in the Maritime Hotel in New York
Lady Gaga performed in the Maritime Hotel in New York
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Lady Gaga, modern 23-year-old pop star, known for flamboyant shows, performed in the New York's Maritime Hotel. The show took place in the Maritime Hotel on September 15. All of those who came to the after-party, held traditionally by the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs, had a chance to see and hear Lady Gaga. The party was timed to the Fashion Week in New York. The organizer of the event was V Magazine.

Lady Gaga’s performance took place in one of the most pompous and most private clubs in New York - Hiro, located in the hotel. During the show Lady Gaga continued to remain in the "bloody" image, which the singer has shown not so long ago at the presentation of MTV awards.

After-party by Marc Jacobs - is one of the most remarkable events in New York's fashionable coterie. This year, among the guests who came to the party at the Maritime Hotel, was traditionally a number of celebrities: Tony Brakston, Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and others.

Club Hiro in the Maritime Hotel in New York is known as a cult place of the American entertainment industry. Hiro was chosen several times for conducting a series of emblematic parties in NY. The number of famous guests, modern rock bands, stars of cinema and show business, who have visited this place in due time, is incalculable. The status of Hiro as a private club is evidenced by the fact that just not everyone who even has sufficient financial capabilities can get in there. Among the mandatory attributes of Hiro’s guest – are his/her fame and the adequacy to the club’s policy.

As for the Hotel Maritime itself, today it is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in New York. The Maritime Hotel was the first luxurious hotel built in West Chelsea district of New York City. Ultramodern hotel is located in the building, which was once occupied by the headquarters for the National Maritime Union. The unique design of the hotel, developed by designers Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson, allowed the Maritime Hotel to become one of the newest attractions in New York. Today the Maritime Hotel has 120 rooms and 4 penthouses.

Date: 16/09/2009


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