The most luxurious hotel in Morocco opens after restoration

The most luxurious hotel in Morocco opens after restoration
Hotel La Mamounia, Marrakech - the most luxurious hotel in Morocco
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Hotel La Mamounia - is the most famous hotel in Morocco - reopened its doors after restoration on the 29th of September 2009. Three years were required in order to renovate the hotel. The cost of reconstruction is estimated at over $ 170 million dollars. Today Hotel La Mamounia, located in the desert gardens of Marrakech, is ready to host guests from all over the world again.

Hotel La Mamounia - perhaps in the whole North Africa is now difficult to find a more popular hotel. Except perhaps Mena House in Egypt. However, Mena House was unable to collect such a number of celebrities in its corridors. Hotel La Mamounia in due times hosted Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, in the Mamounia Hitchcock filmed an episode of "The man who knew too much" and the Rolling Stones during their famous trip to Morocco were looking for inspiration for the upcoming album in this hotel.

Hotel La Mamounia – is a full-fledged tourist site. "Our guests do not go to Marrakech, they go to Mamounia" - they say so about the merits of the hotel.

Updated Hotel La Mamounia today offers interior design by the famous Frenchman Jacques Garcia, one of the leading specialists in the hotel design. The main motives in the design Mamounia are: Art Deco and the Arab-Andalusian style, classic design, due to which the hotel was famous in the days of French rule in Morocco. The huge pool of the hotel - more than 200 square meters - is surrounded by sculptures, created using a special Moroccan Technology. The pool uses a technology of ozon water filtering. A splendid spa complex was added to famous Mamounia Gardens.

The reconstruction of Hotel La Mamounia allowed to reduce the number of hotel rooms, while increasing their area. This feature could not but affect the price. Compared with the period before 2006, prices for rooms in the luxury hotel of Morocco grew significantly. If the previous value of rooms in the hotel began from 4500 dirham, now the cheapest room in Hotel La Mamounia has risen in price by one third and will cost 6000 dirham (about 680 dollars).

Date: 06/10/2009


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