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Holidays in Italy - is a constant movement, regardless of the season. Hotels in Italy do not have the lack of tourists all year round. Additional interest to the country is caused by different festivals, which can be observed in Italy in vast quantity. It would seem that the end of October in Italy – is a time when the turbulent life after the summer should go to zero. However, numerous festivals in Italy, which take place all round the country during this period, prove quite the opposite.

Rome Film Festival, October 15, 2009. Film Festival in Rome has not yet managed to become as popular as a similar festival in Venice. Perhaps, because Rome Film Festival is still too young. Nevertheless, attention gained by the festival lately, makes it one of the key events in the field of European and World cinematography. Thus, one the next film festival in Rome the famous writer Paulo Coelho will present the premiere of his film “The Experimential Witch”. Among the honored guests of the festival will be Meryl Streep and Richard Gere. Rome Film Festival will last until October 23. Booking of hotels in Rome at the time of the festival is available on our portal.

Creativity Festival in Florence, October 15, 2009. Creativity Festival in Florence - is a unique cultural event which takes place in the ancient Italian city for 4 days. A venue of the festival - is the ancient fortress - Fortezza da Basso. Creativity Festival in Florence presents numerous concerts, shows, exhibitions and performances of contemporary visual art. Hotels of Florence are pleased to offer their services to numerous guests of the festival.

Autumn festival in Abbadia San Salvatore, 16 October 2009. Autunm Festival is held annually in the town of Abbadia San Salvatore, in Tuscany. Tuscany is known for its cuisine, which in every town of the region has its own peculiarities. Features of Tuscan cuisine in the town of Abbadia San Salvatore - are mushroom and nut delicacies, which a tourist will not have a chance to taste anywhere except on the festival itself.

Celtic New Year, Milan, 23 October 2009. Celtic New Year - one of the largest festivals of medieval history in Europe. Celtic New Year is celebrated in Milan, on the territory of the ancient castle Castello Sforzesco. The festival program includes theatrical fights, medieval music and dancing. The celebration of the Celtic New Year lasts till October 25. During this period hotels in Milan offer their services to the knights, ladies and simple spectators.

Chestnut Festival in Valsugana, October 24, 2009. In Italy, almost every small town has at least one culinary festival. In the town Valsugana, located 20 kilometers away from Trento, in Trentino - Alto Adige region in northeastern Italy, it is a festival of chestnut. Furthermore, the sort of chestnut, harvested in Valsugana in autumn, is considered to be one of the best in Italy. So why not to celebrate? Those, who tend to visit the festival in Valsugana, can find useuful information about hotels in Trento at our portal – city-of-hotels.com.

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Date: 14/10/2009


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