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Halloween 2009
Pumpkin figure - a classic souvenir for Halloween
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Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day - the ancient Celtic holiday which falls on October 31, now celebrated in many countries around the world, even in those who have nothing to do with Celtic mythology. To have some fun and chill the spine - these are the main themes of Halloween. Portal city-of-hotels.com represents the main sites of Halloween 2009, where the holiday will be celebrated with a special scale.

Halloween Parade in Manhattan, New York, USA, October 31, 2009. This is one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the world. 2 million visitors annually watch the participants, dressed in breathtaking costumes, as well as huge figures made of papier-mache, which move slowly through the streets of the famous bohemian district - Greenwich Village. In total, the theatrical performance annual involves 50 thousand participants. For those who would like to watch Halloween in New York, city-of-hotels.com offers a wide array of New York hotels in Manhattan.

Halloween Parade, Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 31, 2009. Halloween parade in the capital of Ireland is one of the reasons for high hotel occupancy in Dublin in late October. The second name of Halloween in Ireland - Samhain, the festival related to the end of summer. A costumed procession passes through the main streets of Dublin, starting at Praysiz Lane and then spreading through the streets and lanes of the Irish capital.

Samhuinn Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 31, 2009. Samhuinn Festival in Edinburgh, is similar in its essence with the celebration of Halloween in Dublin. From 9 am on October 31, a parade of medieval musicians take place on the streets of Scottish capital, as well as processions of participants dressed into the national costumes and costumes of characters of Scottish mythology. Samhuinn Festival is considered the biggest celebration of Halloween in the UK. The procession starts from the esplanade of the famous Edinburgh Castle and takes place on the main street of the city - the Royal Mile. Online booking of hotels in Edinburgh is available for visitors of the portal city-of-hotels.com.

Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, USA, October 31, 2009. Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas – is an annual costume show, a large-scale performance with the use of frightening costumes and gothic symbolism, with pyrotechnics and visual effects, fire shows and a disco night on two huge dancefloors with the world's leading DJs.

Howling Halloween Party, Courthouse Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, London, UK, October 31, 2009. Halloween in London - it is tens if not hundreds of parties. However, Halloween party in a London hotel Courthouse Doubletree by Hilton occupies a separate place among them. Howling Halloween Party is targeted mostly on gastronomy, rather than shocking costumes and frightening artifacts. Of course, masks, capes and pumpkins with candles will be presented in the halls of the Courthouse Doubletree in all varieties. However, it seems that the first role in Howling Halloween Party in the London Hotel will be played by fine refreshments and a special cocktail "Kiss of the Vampire from Malibu”, which should bring a peculiar flavour to the atmosphere of the party.

Photo: Paul Bodea

Date: 21/10/2009


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