Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin hotels

Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin hotels
Adlon Kempinski Hotel, Berlin
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Hotels in Berlin in early November are in high demand among the Germans, as well as, foreign tourists, coming to the capital of Germany in this period. Reason for such a rush – the 9th of November, the day when the Berlin Wall fell, and GDR and FRG were united. On the 9th of November 9, 2009 the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall will be celebrated in Berlin.

The 9th of November for Germany – is truly a decisive day. Germans themselves call is Schicksalstag – “fateful day”. In different period the 9th of November used to become a key date for Germany. On the 9th of November 1918 the overthrow of the monarchy took place in Germany. One of the darkest pages in the history of the country - Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and Kristallnacht in 1938, when pogroms of Jewish property began – also occurred on the 9th of November. The 9th of November 1989, the day when the Berlin Wall fell, opened a new stage in the development of German nation and closed the period of disunity. For the rest of the world the collapse of the Berlin Wall became a symbol of unity and the end of the era of isolation of Western and Eastern countries.

On the 9th of November dozens of different activities, commemorating to celebration of the reunification of Germany, will take place in Berlin. On the eve of the 5th of November 2009, at the Brandenburg Gate a grand concert made by the legendary Irish band U2 was held. The central event of the celebration of 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall promises to be a Festival of Freedom - a festival in Berlin, which will take place at the Brandenburg Gate on the 9th of November in the evening. The headliner of the Festival of Freedom in Berlin will be Jon Bon Jovi. Portal represents Berlin hotels which are located near the Brandenburg Gate:

Adlon Kempinski Hotel
Apartments at Brandenburg Gate
Rocco Forte Berlin Hotel
The Regent Hotel
The Westin Grand Hotel
Sofitel Hotel
Berlin Marriott Hotel
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Hotels in Berlin now prepare special offers for guests. Adina Apartment Hotel, which will traditionally open its doors to guests on the 9th of November 2009, is among them. Location of the new apart-hotel promises a great attention to it from mass media. The hotel is situated in the historic part of the capital of Germany, close to many sights of Berlin, including former infamous Checkpoint Charlie between East and West Berlin.

Date: 06/11/2009


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