New London hotel might be located in the building of the U.S. Embassy

New London hotel might be located in the building of the U.S. Embassy
The building of U.S. Embassy in London
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Hotels in London are notable for a wide array of various brands and trends. Castle hotels, fortress hotels, pub hotels and boutique hotels are among them. Perhaps the list of the most unusual hotels in London in the nearest future will be expanded by an embassy hotel. Not so long ago the U. S. government approved selling of the building, where the U.S. Embassy in the UK is located. The building, situated in Grosvenor Square, was sold to an investment company from Qatar - Qatari Diar. According to the British newspaper The Times, one of the most probable reasons for the acquisition of the embassy will be redesign of the building into the hotel.

Despite the fact that the plans of the new owners were not announced to publicity, the future of the U.S. embassy as a luxury hotel in London is virtually defined. It was already reported that the developer of hotel project in the building of the U.S. Embassy will be Chelsfield Partners Company, which owns 20% of shares of the Qatari investment company.

The amount of the transaction between the Government of the United States and the company from Qatar were not disclosed. However, it is fairly safe to say that the building cost the company several hundred million pounds. Qatari Diar already made an offer to buy the embassy in 2007. Then the approximate value was estimated at 500 million pounds.

Location of the building, as well as its scale - more than 600 rooms on 9 floors – seem like serious advantages for creating a new respectable hotel in London. The uniqueness of the new hotel in London will be in the fact that, according to recently obtained the status of the national heritage of Britain, the appearance of the former U.S. Embassy, including a massive eagle on the roof of the building, will remain unchanged.

According to analysts, among the brands, which may be possibly interested in the management of the new unusual hotel in London - are becoming increasingly popular brand of W Hotels by Starwood, as well as Missoni hotels by Rezidor. Generally, among the hotel companies, which can possibly take part into the development of the project, are listed almost all the major hotel corporations in the world: from Hilton and Hyatt to InterContinental

Date: 10/11/2009


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