Hotel from U2 operated at a loss

Hotel from U2 operated at a loss
Dublin, Temple Bar - this is where The Clearance Hotel is located
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Year 2009 has become not the best one in the career of the band U2. Despite the goodwill of music critics, their latest album No Line On The Horizon has not shown outstanding results in sales and, according to the musicians themselves, has become a big disappointment. In addition to low sales of the album, The Clarence Hotel, owned by the musicians, has become another headache for The Edge and Bono. The luxurious five-star hotel, considering one of the landmarks of Dublin, brought to their owners a loss of more than 1 million euros in 2009.

The Clarence Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Ireland in recent years, has become a real test of strength for U2 musicians in due times. For four years, Bono litigate with the municipality of the city of Dublin for the right for construction of a building of a new futuristic hotel by the project of Norman Foster at the place where the old one was situated. Finally the authorities of the capital of Ireland capitulated, and the new hotel received its embodiment. Construction of The Clarence Hotel cost a total of 235 million dollars. Subsequently, U2 shot one of its music videos on the roof of the hotel.

It should be noted that the architectural ambitions of the leaders of U2 are not limited to just one luxury hotel. Among the plans of the members of the band is opening of U2 Tower, a place for which has already been in the docks of Dublin. A skyscraper with a height of almost 200 meters was to be built by 2012. However, taking current situation into consideration, the musicians will, most likely, postpone the implementation of such a large-scale project until better times.

To date, the expenses, that the world-famous owners of The Clarence Hotel have to bear, are twice more than the revenue of the hotel. At the same time, The Clarence Hotel still has the reputation of the hotel with the most expensive rooms in Dublin.

Date: 23/12/2009


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