Armani Hotel will be opened in Dubai in March.

Armani Hotel will be opened in Dubai in March.
Armani Hotel will be opened in Dubai in March.
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The legendary couturier Giorgio Armani in the wake of Missoni and Versace enters the hotel market. Armani will represent his first hotel in Dubai in March 2010. A hotel, in which all the interiors were designed personally by Armani, will be located on several floors at the most famous buildings in the world today – “The Tower of Dubai” (Burj Dubai), the highest skyscraper of the world.

The opening of the Armani hotel in Dubai was announced long time ago. It is expected that this hotel will be the first one in Armani Hotels and Resorts chain, which in the near future will have its hotels in the world's leading tourist centers.

As to Armani hotel in Dubai, it will occupy 6 floors of “The Tower of Dubai "and have 160 rooms, including suites. Armani Hotel Dubai will also offer its guests five-star restaurant, Armani spa and VIP club. Furniture from exclusive designer’s collections Armani / Casa will be used in room design.

The official date of opening of the first hotel by Armani - March 18, 2010. However, orders for room reservation can be done in January. In addition to the hotel in Dubai, in 2010 Armani plans to represent another hotel of Armani Hotels and Resorts chain. It will be Armani Hotel Milano in Milan - the hometown of the designer.

During the construction of the new hotel Armani has collaborated with the one of the leading developers of the UAE - Emaar Company . In addition to the construction of "The Tower of Dubai" Emaar is known in the emirate due to a number of large-scale projects. Emmar is a developer of the business residences complex Dubai Marina, Emirates Crown skyscraper and other famous buildings.

It is worth noting that Armani is not the only designer to present his hotel in Dubai this season. Versace, another world-famous fashion house, prepares to open Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai in the first half of 2010.

Date: 11/01/2010


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