The world's best hotel is in Paris

The world's best hotel is in Paris
The world's best hotel is in Paris

George V Hotel of Four Seasons chain, one of the most famous hotels in Paris, is recognized by the British edition Ultratravel Magazine the best hotel in the world.

The hotel was opened in 1928. At one time, George V belonged to one of the most famous hotelier in Paris - François Dupre, who was also the owner of another landmark hotel of the city - Ritz. Today, Four Seasons Hotel George V is a true hotel legend of Paris. Today, the hotel itself and its restaurant are considered to be a leader in the niche of luxury hotel real estate in the capital of France. The open terrace of the hotel is one of the places most pampered by Parisian bohemia.

In 1996, the hotel was acquired by Kingdom Holding Company of Saudi Arabia for $ 178 million. A year later, the hotel has started large-scale reconstruction, on which Saudi ASEA has spent in total 125 million dollars.

The newly opened in 1999 Hotel Four Seasons Hotel George V immediately received international recognition as a hotel with a set of exclusive services. To date, Four Seasons Hotel George V is the global standard of luxury hotel. The restaurant not so long ago was awarded a third star of Michelin – an indicator of exceptional quality in the restaurant industry.

It is worth noting that in addition to a title awarded by Ultratravel Magazine, Hotel George V in different times was honored with other honorary titles. Thus, an authoritative travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler named George V the "best business hotel of 2006". In 2007, the American guide ZAGAT awarded the hotel as the "Best International Hotel".

Booking of Hotel George V through the portal is not available now. Nevertheless, the portal users can choose more than 1000 hotels in Paris, which can be booked right now.

Date: 16/05/2010

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