Gucci plans to open 40 new luxury hotels around the world

Gucci plans to open 40 new luxury hotels around the world
New Gucci hotel in Dubai may compete with famous Burj Al Arab
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Famous hotelier Elisabeth Gucci plans to open forty new hotels around the world over the next fifteen years.

The daughter of one of the most famous fashion designers, Paolo Gucci, a representative of the fourth generation of the famous Florentine dynasty, Elisabeth Gucci, better known as the creator of designer hotels around the world that meet the highest requirements, plans to open 40 new luxury hotels with a distinct comfort and high style of Gucci. According to preliminary information, priority shall be given to such popular tourist destinations like Middle and Far East and South America.

At the moment, Elisabeth Gucci is the artistic director of the gallery Mirabili Arte d'Abitare in Florence. Daughter of Paolo Gucci left the family business in 1995 and began working with the company Formitalia Luxury Group as an art director opening new boutiques of luxurious designer furniture and accessories worldwide.

According to the partner of the Elisabeth Gucci Hotels & Resorts company Lorens Ziller future plans of Mrs. Gucci includes in addition to the opening of hotels in Middle and Far East opening of boutique hotel of the highest class in Russia, China and on the African continent. Also Elisabeth Gucci plans to focus on Brazil.

One of the first hotels to be opened is one in Dubai, which will receive its first visitors at the end of this year, as well as hotel in China. According to the company on building of a new hotel in the Persian Gulf will be spent about 12 million U.S. dollars. The hotel will consist of 87 rooms, which cost will range from 400 to nearly 7,000 U.S. dollars per night and guests can purchase any part of the interior and accessories.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 05/06/2010


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