Hotels in Spain: the future of the capsule hotels

Hotels in Spain: the future of the capsule hotels
Hotels in Spain: new concept of Lookotels

Lookotels company introduced hotel project in Spain, which today is called the prototype of the future hotel. However, with the proviso that it is primarily the future in the segment of budget hotels. "Simple luxury" - this is a key concept of the company Lookotels, which promotes in Spain construction of the special capsule hotels.

According to Spanish press, Lookotels aims to create an economical hotel, where design plays a leading role. As it turned out, today among the cheap hotels of Spain still remains free niche that is not occupied yet. This is budget hotel that offers its guests the original decision for space at a reasonable price.

Capsule hotel from Lookotels has already received the title from the creators of "Hotel of the future". It is a structure where every room is a separate module, from which hotel is composed. Reducing of the cost of staying in this hotel will be achieved by reducing staff costs, as well as by optimizing the energy component.

The company Lookotels was founded by four partners, each of whom is a specialist in the field of architecture and design. At one time they managed to work in the sector of high quality hotels, as well as leaders of major hotel chains in Spain. Currently Lookotels is searching for an investor who would be willing to support the project in Spanish and international level.

The figures, which are called by the representatives of Lookotels, look really attractive. Thus, according to company’s estimates, the construction of a hotel with 100 rooms will take no more than six months. After the opening of the hotel staff wages will be 70% less than in equivalent hotels of Spain, spending for energy will be decreased by 40%.

In the project of the hotel from Lookotels individual blocks are composed into the hotel and you can easily dismantle and transport it at any desired location.

Interest in the project is already showed by some budget airlines in Europe. According to preliminary estimates, financing of the first phase will require about 60 million euros. It provides for the opening of 10 hotels in Spain, as well as several most favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Date: 01/07/2010

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