Hotels in Turkey: Dedeman Hotel and TUI are the leaders

Hotels in Turkey: Dedeman Hotel and TUI are the leaders
Hotels in Turkey: Dedeman Hotel and TUI are the leaders

Dedeman Hotel chain is recognized as the largest in Turkey by the number of hotels in the country. Such data was published on the pages of the Turkish edition “Hurriyet”. Among the leaders of the hotel market in Turkey by the number of places in hotels, according to a poll conducted by Ekin Group, was a transnational tourist holding TUI.

In total Dedeman Hotel in Turkey manages 15 hotels under various brands. As noted in the study, during estimating of the size of the network were not considered hotels outside Turkey, which are managed by Dedeman Hotel. So, today the network operates 6 hotels in Uzbekistan, Syria and Bulgaria.

The competition among hotel chains in Turkey every year becomes more acute. And competitors are emerging both among local companies and among foreign investors. Among the world's leading hotel chains, which is among the leaders in Turkey is Hilton corporation. According to the Ekin Group the company is the fifth represented Turkish hotels.

Among the largest hotel chains in Turkey were also highlighted Anemon, The Marmara, Limak and Rixos. Rixos is known mainly for its luxurious hotels located in the most famous resorts of Turkey. In particular, in one of the hotels of the Rixos chain, Belek, this year's award ceremony was held at prestigious awards World Travel Awards.

As for to the total number of beds, here TUI Travel Hotels holds the first place. In total, hotels of TUI Travel Hotels offer guests a Turkish 15.733. Leader in the number of Dedeman hotels in this rating is only 3. It was beaten by Rixos.

The rating, which Ekin Group gave this season hotel market in Turkey, includes such factor that most activity in the current season, the Turkish and foreign hotel chains began to show investment grow in the hotel sector in the Anatolia region.

Date: 18/10/2010

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