Tunisia will offer tourists resort in Sahara

Tunisia will offer tourists resort in Sahara
Tunisia will offer tourists resort in Sahara

Tunisia, famous among travelers due to the mild Mediterranean climate, North African fancifulness and colorful cultural color, promises to fame of exquisite tourist destination thanks to a new project of Quatari Diar Group. Qatari investment company plans to build a luxury tourist resort in the Sahara desert, which promises to be one of the most promising areas of exotic holiday.

Qatari investment company Quatari Diar Group is widely known for the most exquisite and expensive real estate projects in Australia, Brazil, China, USA, Germany, Greece, France and the USA. The portfolio of the company includes the famous Harrods in London, purchased from Mohammed Al-Fayed, the U.S. embassy in London, and more.

The contract, which provides Quatari Diar Group with 40 hectares of land in the oasis of Tozeur in the Sahara desert to build a new luxury five-star tourist resort, was signed recently between the Tunisian Government and the head of the Qatari company Mohamed bin Ali al-Hedfa.

According to the head of Quatari Diar Group, Tunisia is a very promising tourist destination, which is annually visited by 7 million travelers from all around the world. Tozeur Vilayet selected by the Qatari investment group for the project is one of the most amazing natural oases in the world and can offer tourists everything from numerous archaeological sites to magnificent landscapes and vivid cultural flavor.

The project of a luxury five star resort planned by Quatari Diar Group will include 60 most modern and luxurious suites, as well as numerous sports and recreational facilities, among which will undoubtedly be spa, gym, swimming pools and tennis courts. There will also be arranged conference rooms for business people, amphitheater, awning in the Arabian style, restaurants and, of course, numerous opportunities for shopping.

According to the head of the company Mohammed bin Ali al-Hedfa, the Quatari Diar Group plans to invest approximately $ 80 million in the construction of the resort in Tunisia, and expects rapid payback due to the high popularity of the resort and increase of the tourist inflow.

Date: 02/11/2010

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