Prices for hotels in Europe are decreasing

Prices for hotels in Europe are decreasing
Prices for hotels in Europe are decreasing

Prices for hotels in major cities in Europe in autumn 2010 are declining. This is evidenced by the recently published HPI index of prices for hotels, which was calculated by the British portal

In calculating of the index were used data of the hotels from 50 largest cities in Europe. According to the report, the biggest price reductions are found in cities of Eastern and Central Europe. Thus, prices in hotels of Krakow and Budapest, according to the portal, have fallen by 19% and 21% compared with previous months. Today renting an ordinary double room in a hotel in these cities will cost the tourist about 68 euros.

One of the major tourist centers of Europe has also not escaped the dramatic decline. Hotels in Prague lost about 20% in the room prices. According to the portal, the average price for one night in the Prague hotel costs 85 euros.

Grandees of European tourism Paris and Madrid are involved. Hotels in the capitals of Spain and France have shown a reduction in prices by 23% and 14% respectively.

One of the most dramatic falls in prices was witnessed current autumn by the hotels in Venice. It was almost half less than in summer and was amounted to 44%. The reasons for such significant drop were not only season, but many floods that inundated most of the streets of Venice in early November. Hotels in Rome have also dropped in price by 31%. Today, according to, renting of a hotel room in Rome will cost about 115 euros per night. builds its rating on the basis of 160,000 offers, which the system receives from the major booking portals and leading European tourist companies.

Date: 22/11/2010

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