Shangri-La chain will open a hotel in Paris

Shangri-La chain will open a hotel in Paris
Shangri-La chain will open a hotel in Paris

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts luxury hotel chain, based in Hong Kong, announced the opening of its hotel in Paris, which will become the first hotel in Europe belonging to the leader of the Asia-Pacific market. Opening Ceremony of Shangri-La hotel will be held on December 17, 2010.

It should be noted that the building, which houses the new tourist site, was built in 1896 and originally served as the residence of the grand nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte - Prince Ronald Bonaparte. The building is located in the 16th municipality near the Trocadero Palace. This place is characterized by an incredible concentration of museums, monuments and other tourist facilities. Located near the Eiffel Tower, The House of Disabled, the Louvre and the Montmartre.

Restoration of the legendary building was headed by the famous French architect Richard Martinet, and interior was designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon. Each room is decorated according to an individual project and retains the atmosphere of France of 19-20th centuries, providing guests with comfort in accordance with the strictest modern standards. The hotel is surrounded by a park, which was recreated by the landscape designer Louis Benech.

Shangri-La Hotel has 81 rooms, including 27 suites, making it the largest luxury hotel in Paris. Its guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique historic environment and discover the spirit of a bygone era.

The atmosphere of the new hotel is a mix of Asian hospitality, typical of the Shangri-La hotel chains, and the French concept of beautiful living art de vivre.

In addition to standard rooms and suites, the hotel will offer guests five duplex suites, the Suite Imperiale, which was once the private apartments of Ronald Bonaparte, as well as Suite Panoramique Penthouse, which has a huge outdoor terrace area of about 100 square meters.

A unique feature of the Shangri-La hotel is that 40% of the standard rooms and 60% of the suites provide guests with undisturbed views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River flowing below. About 50% of the total number of rooms have balconies and outdoor terraces, allowing to enjoy the views of the "City of Lights."

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts luxury hotel chain, which headquarters is in Hong Kong, is one of the most distinguished representatives of hotel business in its segment, and is considered to be one of the most well-managed companies. Its history delves back into 1971, when in Singapore was opened the first luxury hotel of this network.

Currently the group owns 68 hotels and resorts in Asian-Pacific region, Middle East, and North America. Total number of rooms is more than 30.000. In addition, construction of new hotels is under way in such countries as Canada, Australia, Britain, Turkey, China (mainland), India, Macau, Philippines, Turkey and the Seychelles.

Anton Linden

Date: 22/11/2010

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