Hotels in Paris: a network of boutique hotels

Hotels in Paris: a network of boutique hotels
Hotels in Paris: a network of boutique hotels

Hotels in Paris: hotel landscape is the capital of France in the near future will be supplemented by several exclusive hotels. Parisian hotelier Olivier de Geffrier annoiunced his plans to build in the near future a network of ten four-star boutique hotels, which will at least partially solve the problem of shortage of rooms in the French capital.

Taken together, the new hotels in Paris will offer guests approximately 500 rooms. The implement of the project requires about 60 million euros. At the moment he is negotiating with Chinese investors, who plan to invest in the project most of the required amount.

Mr. de Geffrier, who deals with the hotel business for more than ten years, commented on the business idea of the project: "During six months a year is very difficult to find a free room in Paris. We focus on the clients with a fairly high level of requirements, but not related to the category of those, who are willing to pay 600 euros per night for a five-star hotel. Our price ranges from 200 to 300 euros".

Hotels of the new network will be designed both for business travelers and visitors to Paris, who seek comfort and pleasant atmosphere. The first hotel is to be opened in the Latin Quarter in the middle of 2011 and each subsequent object must be opened with two or three month interval. All boutique hotels are located mainly in the “tourist” areas of the city (within 5 - 7 districts) - The Latin Quarter, the left and right banks of the river Seine, districts adjacent to the Arc de Triomphe.

Mr. de Geffrier is confident in the success of the project. According to him, despite the rise of prices for the past three years, Paris is still not very expensive and very attractive city in the medium or long term perspective for the investors. Chinese businessmen at this stage have considerable amounts, which they would like to invest in hotel business of Paris, so the prospects for the new network look very tempting.

Date: 17/12/2010

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