Mardan Palace was cut off from electricity

Mardan Palace was cut off from electricity
Mardan Palace was cut off from electricity

In one of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey – 7-star “palace” The Mardan Palace, which is located near Antalya and is owned by the prominent Russian oligarch Telman Ismailov (61th place in the Forbes list) - due to the overdue payment for services of AKEDAS energy company was cut of the electricity. It was reported by the Associated Press agency referring to the Turkish newspaper Aksam. It should be noted that in order to ensure its own energy needs hotel uses two self-contained generators, so the guests were not affected by the conflict.

The total amount of debt is amounted to about 4 million Turkish liras, which is equivalent to 2.6 million dollars (and according to Turkish newspaper Takvim, which refers to a source in AKEDAS, the debt is amounted to about $3 million). If failing to pay the debt within the prescribed period (three weeks), the case will be transferred to the local court. Representatives of the hotel do not comment on the situation.

Ufuk Okul, the General Manager of AKEDAS, confirmed the fact, but refused to give any details citing an obligation not to disclose confidential information about their customers.

The Mardan Palace, located on the Mediterranean coast, has 546 rooms including royal suites, and is equipped by the largest swimming pool in Turkey, 10 restaurants, 11 bars and several aquariums for entertaining guests. Opening ceremony, which cost Mr. Ismailov 35 million U.S. dollars, was held in May 2009. It was attended by such celebrities as Richard Gere, Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone and others. Also as a part of a gala presentation in commemoration of the presentation of the hotel, were held live performances of Mariah Carey and Tom Jones.

In 2010 The Mardan Palace has been awarded with a prestigious international award World Travel Awards in the category of luxury hotels, beating strong competitors such as the famous 5-star Burj Al Arab located in Dubai, London hotel The Dorchester, as well as Chicago's The Trump Hotel.

Date: 25/12/2010

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