Hotels in Israel: new hotel in Nazareth

Hotels in Israel: new hotel in Nazareth
Hotels in Israel: new hotel in Nazareth

Israel will build a new hotel in Nazareth. The city, which became famous for Christ’s propagations, will get a new 4-star hotel, located at the road leading from the Old to the New city of Nazareth.

The total cost of building of a new hotel is estimated at 70 million shekels, according to Israeli business publication Globes. The hotel will be designed for 140 rooms. Rand Institution Company, which will realize the project, is known in Israel as an operator of various social institutions: kindergartens, nursing homes and schools.

The total area allocated to the construction of a new hotel in Israel is 0.7 hectares. New hotel will be located not far from the City Council of Nazareth. Originally, the territory, where the hotel was supposed to be built, was designed for dwelling zone. But then the Nazareth authorities have changed its mind and decided that a hotel will be built instead of a housing complex there.

Nazareth is considered as one of the motherlands of the Christianity. Tradition says that it was in Nazareth, where Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary about the conception of the Holy Spirit. In Nazareth Christ spent his childhood and youth and here he subsequently preached in the synagogues.

The new hotel, which will be built by the Rand Institution, will not be the only one in Nazareth. Currently dozens of hotels offer its services in the city including five-star Nazareth Illit Plaza and Nazareth Golden Crown. Also the hotels in Nazareth are widely presented by 2 and 3-star hotels.

It is worth noting that 2010 was a record year on number of tourists visiting Israel. Israel Hotel Association announced that revenue for hotels in Israel in 2010 is amounted to at least 4.4 billion dollars. The total number of tourists, who visited Israel in 2010, according to the association, is amounted to 3.5 million people. Bethlehem, which like Nazareth is a popular tourist destination among the Christians, this year experienced unprecedented interest in Christian shrines. During the Catholic Christmas all the hotels in Bethlehem were fully booked, according The number of pilgrims to visit Bethlehem for Christmas was about 100 000 people.

Date: 30/12/2010

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