Free Wi-Fi in a hotel is a big plus

Free Wi-Fi in a hotel is a big plus
Free Wi-Fi in a hotel is a big plus

An authoritative U.S. newspaper Los Angeles Times, one of the most popular U.S. daily newspapers, published the results of market research on the priorities that travelers mark when choosing a hotel. In this study, conducted by a major international agency JDPower and Associates for the period from May 2009 to June 2010, were questioned about 53.000 individuals belonging to different categories of travelers.

As the result of the survey was found rather interesting, but not so surprising technology trend if we look to rapid development and implementation of new communications in all spheres of our life. Convenient location, comfortable bed and breakfast included in the total cost are still an important argument for choosing a hotel. However, an increasingly important factor for the guests of all price categories was free Wi-Fi-connection in the rooms or at least in the public areas of the hotel.

The most expensive and luxurious hotels are quite conservative and do not use free Internet as an additional competitive advantage. Almost all of them provide for such services only for separate and quite high price. Thus, among the guests of the exclusive network Ritz-Carlton lack of free Wi-Fi-connection in the rooms is the most popular complaint. Only a few hotels that belong to this network have free access points in public areas.

As for the guests of the mid-price hotels, 96% of them reported that they in their rooms such an option as free Wi-Fi. Budget hotels look much more modest, but nevertheless, in the opinion of 64% of the guests payment for wireless internet connection was included in the price. And none of the guests of luxury hotels has stated in the survey that they were given a free Internet access.

Date: 06/01/2011

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