The first capsule hotel is to be opened in China

The first capsule hotel is to be opened in China
The first capsule hotel is to be opened in China

The first capsule hotel in China is to be opened in Shanghai. Capsule hotel is one of the most actual trends in the modern hotel industry. Shanghai, as the business center of the country, decided to learn from Japanese and offer the latest version of the budget accommodation already this year.

Accommodation in the first Chinese capsule hotel will be available for a modest price of $10 (cost of ten-hour stay). The cheapest option for staying in the hotel will cost about $4, the most expensive - $12 (24Hours).

New hotel rooms in Shanghai are made as coupes, where you can only lie. Its capacity is 68 rooms. It is situated directly opposite the railway station in Shanghai. The total area of unusual hotel is only 300 square meters.

In addition to the capsule rooms the hotel offers its guests shared toilet, shower, smoking room and guest room. A distinctive feature of the new hotel is that it will be designed exclusively for men.

The Chinese press quoted the owner of the hotel Ta Jiang, who said that he had to stop and even work in similar capsule hotel in Tokyo, so he knows all the nuances of work to create comfort within small area.

Capsule hotel is a trend in the tourist industry that is becoming more urgent. Japan, which is considered as the birthplace of the concept, has dozens of such hotels. In Europe, the idea of capsule hotels is partially embodied by the Yotel network. Hotels in Spain will soon acquire the country's first capsule hotel. Prefabricated model of a new hotel is planned to be submitted in Barcelona the Lookotels network.

Today China is experiencing a real tourist boom. The growth of people’s welfare during the reform over the years contributed to the fact that 400 million Chinese were able to escape from poverty and start to travel. According to preliminary data in 2010 the number of tourists in China was amounted to over 2 billion people. Today leading hotel chains of the world are aspired to develop their business in China. Moreover, as we see in China are built not only luxurious Hyatt and Hilton. Here is carefully studied the experience of other countries in the field of low-cost travel.

Date: 13/01/2011

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