Garbage hotel in Spain is fully booked

Garbage hotel in Spain is fully booked
Garbage hotel in Spain

To the collection of unusual hotels in Spain is added another one. The country's first hotel from garbage was presented to the general public in Madrid on January 19, 2011. One of the objectives of the garbage hotel is to draw attention to the Fitur 2011 exhibition.

Fitur 2011 is the largest industry event before the start of tourist season in Spain. This exhibition is one of the main showcases, where Spain presents its current travel opportunities and the latest trends. Garbage hotel according to the plan of the organizers of exhibition was to focus on environmental problems on the Spanish beaches and force tourists to think about the situation of the pollution of beaches with garbage. Creation of the hotel is one of many projects of the “Save the Beach” program, which mission is to preserve purity of the beaches around the world.

Corona Extra Save the Beach Hotel was first introduced in June 2010 in Rome. Since then the hotel is traveling around the world.

Creator of the garbage hotel is German sculptor Hans-Jurgen Shult (HA Shult). He installed his creation on the central square of Madrid - Plaza Callao. The hotel was named Corona Extra Save the Beach Hotel. There are only five rooms. All rooms were fully booked for all four days of the Fitur 2011 exhibition, during which the hotel was available for residence. Some rooms have been drawn among the members of the “Save The Beach” in social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Explaining his concept the creator of the hotel compared the hotel with the whole world. “The world is also a hotel”- said HA Shult in an interview with Reuters. Artist cautions that one day we can all wake up in a similar garbage hotel.

For the construction of the hotel the designer used in total 12 tons of garbage. It is worth noting that the garbage was very carefully selected by the artist. At the same time some materials are not garbage and were purchased at the flea markets of France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Presentation of a new hotel in Spain was attended by a number of celebrities, including the Danish model Helena Christensen and a jewelry designer and daughter of Mick Jagger - Jade Jagger. Each of them rented a room in the garbage hotel.

Date: 29/01/2011

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