Robert de Niro will open a hotel in Las Vegas

Robert de Niro will open a hotel in Las Vegas
Caesar Palace hotel will offer one of its buildings for the De Niro’s hotel

One of the largest hotel and entertainment complexes in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, will provide one of its buildings for creating the first hotel of Nobu Hotel chain in Las Vegas, which co-owner is the famous actor Robert De Niro.

Nobu was known before as the restaurant chain. The success of the restaurant chain prompted the owners to entering the hotel market. Apart from the hotel in Las Vegas, Nobu Hotel today participates in at least two hotel projects. A luxury hotel skyscraper for 65 floors is planned to be built in New York near the New York Stock Exchange. Another hotel is scheduled to open on the Mediterranean coast of Israel at Herzliya Marina resort.

Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas will be located in one of the oldest buildings of the Caesars Palace – the Centurion Tower. Nobu Hotel is designed as an independent hotel within the complex. In total it will has 180 rooms, 16 suites, private reception service. On the first floor of the hotel will be opened the largest Nobu restaurant in the western United States. Its area will be about 3000 square meters, according to This restaurant will be the second object of the network in Las Vegas. The first restaurant was opened in the territory of another gigantic entertainment center of Las Vegas - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

According to Robert De Niro, published by, the idea of opening a hotel under the Nobu brand came to his mind after simple analysis. Many successful restaurants of the Nobu chain are located in the territory of hotels. So, creating a hotel with the same brand looks like a simple and logical step, which is originally aimed at success.

Plans for creation a new hotel were announced on Monday 7 March 2011. Completion date is not specified.

The idea of creating Nobu chain of restaurants belongs to the Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa. His ideas are realized together with Robert De Niro, as well as famous restaurateur Drew Niporent. In total 26 restaurant of the chain are opened today on five continents.

Date: 09/03/2011

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