Hotels in London: House of 1000 butterflies

Hotels in London: House of 1000 butterflies
Hotels in London: House of 1000 butterflies

One of the newest luxury hotels in London - London Syon Park, which is part of the Waldorf Astoria brand - presented to its guests a unique attraction. The onset of spring in the UK capital the hotel administration decided to celebrate with the opening of the pavilion with butterflies, where guests will see more than 1000 species of these insects.

Butterfly House is located in the lobby. The collection of this unique eco-park includes butterflies from all around the world: Asia, Africa and South America.

Opening of the Butterfly House was timed to the opening of the hotel itself, which became available to the guests on 14 March 2011.

The Butterfly House at the London Syon Park has its own superintendent, who follows the diet of the insects. The basis of the diet is fresh bananas, peaches, pears and water.

Butterfly House is a tradition. Sion Park, part of which houses the hotel, was formerly also known in London thanks to the unique collection of butterflies, which was located just in the Butterfly House. Restoration of the old aristocratic estate, which is the London Syon Park, allowed restoring the unique natural museum. To date the estate is owned by the Count of Northumberland, whose clan owns it for the past 400 years.

For the Waldorf Astoria hotel chain opening of the London Syon Park is another landmark step towards entering the European market. At present this luxury hotel chain, which belongs to the Hilton corporation, is actively developing in Europe. Along with the hotel in London, in 2011 Waldorf Astoria plans to open hotels in Seville, Berlin and in 2012 in Jerusalem.

London Syon Park hotel offers 137 rooms. In addition to the Butterfly House the guests can enjoy a multi-spa complex.

Date: 17/03/2011

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