Hotels in Amsterdam have already recovered

Hotels in Amsterdam have already recovered
Hotels in Amsterdam have already recovered

Hotels in Amsterdam in the beginning of the 2011 tourist season were among the most successful hotels of the Old World.

TRI Hospitality Consulting Company, which specializes in studying European hotel market in, published updated data on the state of the hotel industry. According to the report of TRI Hospitality Consulting, hotels in Amsterdam show improvement over the previous year in all major markers: revenue per available room (RevPAR), total revenue per room (TrevPAR) and gross overall profit per available room (GOPPAR).

Hotels in Amsterdam
were able to improve all the three indicators. The greatest growth in the first three months was marked in the terms of TrevPAR, where the revenue increased from 169.53 euros in March 2010 to 179.64 in March 2011. 6% improvement of this index was further reinforced by successful GOPPAR rates, which increased in March 2011 by 11%.

To date, hotels in Amsterdam were able to raise the average price of hotel room in the conference sector, one of the main segments that affect the overall performance of the market - from 166 euros to 184 euros.

In addition to Amsterdam hotels, hotel industry of 9 other European cities showed growth. Among the leaders are hotels in Vienna, Prague and Milan. It is worth noting that, along with Amsterdam, these cities traditionally experience growing demand for hotels during numerous exhibits, which they host in the first quarter of the year. Nevertheless, even taking into account seasonal demand growth, rates in these three cities look impressive.

Vienna hotels increased their TrevPAR and GOPPAR by 28.4% and 80.7% respectively. This is one of the best figures on the continent. In Prague hotels TrevPAR and GOPPAR increased by 5.8% and 11.6% respectively. Hotels in Milan - growth on three markers: RevPAR by 11.1%, TrevPAR by 14.5% and GOPPAR by 22.7%.

Also among the European tourist resorts the best rates of available room revenue in the first quarter improved hotels in Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Hamburg and London.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 29/04/2011

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