Ritz-Carlton: 100 hotels by 2016

Ritz-Carlton: 100 hotels by 2016
Ritz-Carlton: 100 hotels by 2016

During almost six months leading hotel chains of the world are trying to outdo each other by voicing development plans for the coming years. One of the world leading luxury hotel brands Ritz-Carlton is also engaged into this race. In early June The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company announced its plans to expand the network of hotels worldwide. 100 hotels by 2016 - this is an ambitious project for the next five years.

For this strategy the company expects to spend $2 billion. Money will be invested in hotel real estate around the globe: from Morocco to Mexico.

It is worth noting that the main markets for expansion promise to be China and the Middle East. Here major hotel giants are especially active, while Europe for Ritz-Carlton will be among the lowest priorities.

Since early 2011 Ritz-Carlton has already opened three significant objects. The most important among them is considered to be opening of the highest hotel in the world in Hong Kong. Two more hotels the company opened in Toronto and Dubai.

However, 2012 promises to be more ambitious for the company. Chicago and California in the United States, Montreal (Canada), Chengdu (China), Herzliya (Israel), Dubai (UAE) - in all these areas Ritz-Carlton plans to open new hotels next year.

In addition to the hotels under its own brand The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company intends to develop several other luxury real estate projects. It is primarily concerns collaboration with Bulgari jewelry house. In 2012 Ritz-Carlton plans to open the third Bulgari hotel, which will be built in London. Prior to that, two Bulgari hotels will be opened in Milan and Bali.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 13/06/2011

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